Before and After The Bodybuilding Experience

Carla Barkey

The last 6 months was a journey “the Bodybuilding Experience”‘ but, I did it! 4 months of working out and eating extra clean. I competed in the Monster Mash body building contest. It is a yearly event every year on Halloween. It was worth it, I got third place and a cool sword.

There were 30-50 figure girls, lots of male bodybuilders and 8 female bodybuilders.
In bodybuilding, you need to have muscle mass of course, but most of all it is about conditioning. Being low in body fat so you can see the muscles. This is the biggest challenge of all.

                                                                                                  51 years young!

My friend/client Jerry Merritt also did the show with me. He got a second and third place. Congratulations Jerry! I will post his photos on the next blog.
Some of you know that I went to Hawaii for two weeks in the middle of this. I packed my food every morning and away we went for the day. I ate dinner out, a protein, chicken, steak, or fish and rice or a potato for my carbs and vegies. I did not go hungry! A couple of times I had a glass of wine. After all I was on vacation!
I worked out 6 times during my vacation at 5:30 or 6am, I would call Braden (my Husband) on my way back from the gym so he could have my breakfast ready. (Thank you Braden!) Breakfast was eggs, some kind of meat, and sometimes pineapple or oats. And always coffee!
I also went to a wedding a week before the show and took my own food. No wedding cake!!!
Through all this (except for the last week) I followed my metabolic type which is lucky for me that I am a protein type. The last week was hard for the first three days I could not have any carbs. For the last three days I had to carb load but slowly cut out my water. There is a lot of science behind this type of training and dieting. It was an experience!
Will I do it again? I think I will do a show in April. It helped me to have a goal and stay in shape. I hope some of you will join me in January. Set your own goal and let’s get in the best shape of our lives!
I forgot to tell you in the figure competition there was a class of over 50(years that is) woman. There were six women and they looked great! So they had a little fat on their behinds and a little lose skin, but these women were strong, confident, and they feel good about who they are. The one that took first place was 58! YES!
You can get in great shape, it is worth the time and effort.

So here are my before and after’s in real clothes. I went from 154 pounds to 123 the night before the show. Right now I am 132 and would like to stay at that weight. My body fat went from 26% to 12%.
Don’t forget to sign up as a follower on my blog. In a few days, I will be posting a simple way to follow a getting lean nutrition plan. I will also answer any questions that you might have.
Love and good health,


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5 comments on “Before and After The Bodybuilding Experience

  1. Anonymous

    Amazing, Sherry! You absolutely ROCK! If I can look half as good as you when I hit my 50’s, then I’m looking forward to it.

    Margarita Crow

  2. Anonymous


    Awesome Job!!

    Bruce Whitley

  3. Anonymous

    Well I have known you for 20 yrs and you look BETTER THAN EVER! Go Girl!!!!!

    Love You!
    Riley & Cindy

  4. Anonymous

    You are so inspiring! These pictures are amazing. Thank you for sharing and way to go!!

    Lisa Chorey

  5. Anonymous

    Sherry – your before looks great too! Nothing wrong with big boobs!! It was so great talking earlier! I am for sure going to check back soon to see your nutrition plan. After the holidays I think I want to get serious… really, not a joke! I hope I can get TOny on board too as that will make it that much easier. Congrats again on your MAJOR accomplishment!


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