Nick’s Journey Towards his Body Building Show

The Journey Towards my Body Building Show.

It has been two years since I have stopped playing soccer. At the age of 24 my body was showing signs of slowing down by resisting my youthful activities with aches and pains. I am limited with what I can do due to a broken back. However I still have the eagerness to go out and play like I did when I was a 9-year-old boy. Since my injury, my body has turned to all shapes and sizes. Around June 2010, damaging both my shoulders, I was about to go into another downward spiral. Letting my shoulders heal and not able to get back into what turned into a daily grind of working out, I became out of shape once again. Not only was my physique suffering, my mind was starting to slip. I missed competing. Noticing I was taking games of darts or games of HORSE too serious against my girlfriend, I needed an outlet. But not being able to do any of my normal activities I turned to a new challenge.

Week One
I broke my workouts into 5 days of training. Mondays chest, Tuesdays legs with Carla, Wednesdays Back with Carla and Sherry, Thursdays shoulders, and Fridays arms, core and calves. I struggled this week finding the correct amount to be eating. The diet itself wasn’t really an issue but the amount has me feeling full all day. By the end of the week I am not sure if I can continue! My muscles hurt so badly. Carla beat my legs up so vigorously I can hardly sit down. I thought Tuesday was miserable until two of the nicest trainers I’ve ever worked with showed their strength and strictness in training, which made me want to give up on Wednesday. My back workout was so intense I couldn’t even straighten my biceps the rest of the week! I could forget about trying to put a coat on. Thursday’s workout definitely lacked luster and Friday’s work out was not happening. Week one I felt beat up and defeated not even making it 5 days in the gym. I’ve weight trained for about 6 years. I thought I had good form. Boy was I wrong. My years of lifting were for one purpose, to become a better soccer player. I lifted fast and hard with bad form. Carla and Sherry made me slow down and really feel my muscles doing the work. I am starting to get a little intimidated by this whole process.

Week Two
Monday Morning I was feeling a bit silly from my dramatic weak performance in week one and a little foolish. I was a professional athlete not too long ago, time to start thinking like that again and not a scared rookie. I hit the gym with a positive attitude and a very strong workout. Tuesday was less painful and with Sherry and Carla out of the gym I had to work out my back by myself. I made it all 5 days working out with less soreness. The eating however is getting boring! I talked to Jack about the diet and asked Sherry a million questions. They worded a few things different about my eating which gave me a different outlook. “ Think of it (my meals) as fuel and you want to put energy in your body.” Now not the first time I’ve heard that, but I stopped thinking of meals as wanting to taste good but another workout. Again another psychological step making me get back into the toughness I had as a soccer player. Seeming to get over a few mental humps this week I felt more confident on my weaker issues. Jack gave me a new hurdle and Sherry turned it into what seemed the high jump instead of hurdle. Posing – what a totally foreign concept and very unnatural feeling to me. Sherry showed me a few poses and I practiced in front of her. The magnitude of this process seems to be growing every day! I not only finished the week more physically strong, but with a stronger frame of mind as well. Instead of hanging my head on how little my muscles are and how poor my form in posing is, I find myself shoveling food down every two and a half hours and excited for next Monday when I get to hit the gym again.

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