Metabolic Typing Diet vs Paleo Diet


Can you count all the different diets that you heard about, been on, or read about? Well it’s probably a lot! Why do you think there are hundreds upon hundreds of diets out there? It’s because they just don’t work!

Well now we have the paleo diet. Is it a lifestyle or just another diet craze? What about Metabolic Typing? Is it a lifestyle? Lets take a look at both and you decide and let me know.

Make sure you read Ben’s testimonial later in the post.

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Lets first talk about Metabolic Typing.

Metabolic Typing (MT) is a highly developed science. It is not a fad diet it is a lifestyle!

Bill Wolcott, author of the Metabolic Typing Diet believes that the body is designed to be healthy, that good health is everyone’s birthright, that the ability to experience ideal health is part of the genetic code built into every cell in the body, and, that what you need to do in order to reclaim your birthright of radiant health and achieve your genetic potential is to understand through Metabolic Typing® what YOUR body needs as opposed to someone else’s, in order to function the way it was intended.

One Man’s food is another man’s poison.


Here is a sample of a Metabolic Tying results session.

Microsoft Word - oils.docx

This is a sample food list.

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MT is all about finding the foods that are right for you. By paying attention to what you are eating you can learn what foods give you energy/or not, which foods make you fill full/or not.

MT looks at two major systems of the body, the autonomic nervous system and the oxidative system.

Autonomic Nervous System

The autonomic nervous system is made of two opposing systems the ‘sympathetic’ and ‘parasympathetic’ nervous systems better known as the ‘fight or flight’ and the ‘rest and digest’ nervous systems respectively.  When you start exercising your increase in heart rate, blood pressure, decrease in digestion is a direct result of our fight or flight nervous system.  Think this system has an important influence on your metabolism?

Oxidative System

The oxidative system is the rate at which individual cells produce energy through oxidation.  Nearly each and every one of your one trillion cells in your body produces it’s own energy through an organelle (basic functional component) called the mitochondria.  Mitochondria can vary from person and person and in fact has its own DNA!  This means different people can oxidize differently! Think the rate and difference in mitochondrial DNA influence your metabolism?

I always give the example that, I am a fast oxidizer, so if you put a bag of cookies in front of me I would eat the whole bag and look around the kitchen for more food. My husband is a slow oxidizer he can eat one or two cookies and be done.

There is mix between these two systems that varies from person to person. This also means that if your NOT eating for your individual genetic needs your going to be more likely to develop a disease in the future.

Sound complicated? It’s not; you can determine which system is dominant through a questionnaire.  There are nine variables.

I have been doing Mt for about 11 years. I took the test because I was so tired after lunch I could hardly stay awake to train my clients. Yawning all afternoon was not good, my clients would ask me if they we boring me. That’s when I meet J.P. Sears a CHEK practitioner and MT advisor.

So, I took the test, three days later, no yawning, two weeks later I had lost 6 pounds. It was amazing No kidding it works!

I loved it so much that I became an advisor.

Find out more about how you can find your Metabolic type,

Ben’s testimonial

New to formal exercise and training, I’ve also participated in metabolic type testing. Since receiving the metabolic results early January 2014, not only has this aided in weight loss of 40lbs. and reduced total body fat by 17%, but now have minimal daily joint aches and pains which I’d come to accept as part of life. I had awoken to a sore back for 7 years, knees that swelled every evening, and consistent neck pain. At this point (3 months since following the metabolic typing results) I actually no longer awaken to the back pains. I do believe metabolic type testing is a contributing factor in these desirable results.

Additionally, my digestion has much improved. How do I know this you might ask? For the past 7 years even one bite of a banana was enough to cause acid reflux and I had to take a daily over the counter medicine (that started with the letter “P”) to combat the issue. Now, I haven’t taken that medicine for 7 weeks and have not one issue with the reflux recurring. I believe eating accordingly to the M.T. results provided has aided in this correction as well.

By the way, Ben is a mixed typed and eats more carbohydrates He would not do well on the Palo diet.

 Ok, so now lets talk Paleo.

 What Is The Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet uses genetics to help you stay lean, strong and energetic! Research in biology, biochemistry, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and many other disciplines indicate it is our modern diet, full of refined foods, trans fats and sugar, that is at the root of degenerative diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression and infertility. – Robb Wolf


On a Paleo diet it is OK to eat



Lean meats


Nuts and seeds

Healthy fats

 You will need to avoid



Processed foods





Palo is a lot like the MT diet. What’s missing is finding what works for you.

We are all as different on the inside as we are on the outside so we all have different nutritional needs.

If you are not a strong protein type then you can run into problems on the Paleo diet. Again it all goes back to our development.  You have a large world with a wide diversity of habitats.  Humans have survived in every landmass of the world.  We are a very successful species.  Due to our success we migrated throughout the world and were changed by the various environments in which we inhabited.  Therefore the only conclusion is we all need a diet specific and unique to our own specific and unique genetic code.  This is why some people have reactions to drugs and some do not.  This is why some people have allergies to various foods and others do not.  This is also why some races have higher levels of disease in relation to other races.

I do believe that you have to eat organic food, that you need to eat grass feed beef, and wild caught fish. I believe that sugar is a poison in our bodies and that most disease is caused by eating it. I am not saying that I am perfect and don’t eat out once in a while or that I don’t ever eat sugar. I am saying that I do my best and think about it every day. The more I educate myself the better I do. 

You can never be successful on any diet, exercise, or lifestyle program UNLESS you give your body the nutrition is needs!!!! 

 Metabolic typing vs Paleo Diet which diet is best? So what is your type? Call me to find out! Start your quest to optimal health now.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a commit below.

To healthy eating and good health,





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2 comments on “Metabolic Typing Diet vs Paleo Diet

  1. Dan Flynn

    Hi Sherry, I am a 67 year old student at Otterbein University. I am in Kim Fischer’s Exercise Physiology class. I was certified as a personal trainer by ACSM last June. Kim forwarded this article to me and I am very interested in finding out where I am from a metabolic standpoint. I realize that the Paleo diet is extremely beneficial but my interest has peaked

    Interestingly, my wife and I live right around your place across from the Post Office. We live on South Old State a half mile north of Orange Rd. Would it be possible to meet at some time in the near future and discuss this type of nutritional lifestyle? Also, one of the Otterbein athletes challenged me to a body shaping routine to compare results in the fall. This would be fruitless if I didn’t adhere to a really good diet.

    Please let me know if we can chat sometime. I am looking forward to hearing from you. My e-mail is either or My cel is 614-972-1416


    Dan Flynn

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