Refresh and Renew: Take a Work Get Away

Have you ever taken time off to just get away and think?

Well that is just what I did. I took a work get away. I find the everyday work grind saps my creativity away, so I decided to get away from my normal routine to concentrate on my work. A different perspective leads to more creativity.

Working outside

In between fun activities, I took my iPad and got to work at parks, porches, and anywhere else I could find outside. It was great to be able to work outside by the water. I enjoyed watching what everyone else was doing with their day.

While at this lovely park for a couple of hours, I saw a wedding, a guy with a really cool bike (who by the way loved that I took his photo), and birds came close enough for me to touch them. How cool is that! Yet with all that fun distraction, I got plenty of work completed and with more creative flair than normal.

Hanging with the locals during my work get away
Hanging with the locals during my work get away

I also had non-work related fun during my get-away. I went on a four-hour kayaking trip in refreshing spring water. I paddled under trees, around curves, and through some small rapids, and I did it all without falling out.

For the first time, I tried paddle boarding and I stayed on the board! It was an adventure, and now I don’t know which is my favorite kayaking or paddle boarding. I have two kayaks now, but I think next year I will add a paddle board to my collection of water toys.

I took a class on sacred geometry from The School of Holistic Living. Very interesting! We learned meditative drawing and I found it was a wonderful way to refresh and refuel! It’s a skill for staying creative that I can take back home with me.

Sacred Geometry Workshop

Sacred Geometry Workshop


Sacred Geometry Art for Creativity

Sacred Geometry Art for Creativity

Have you ever taken a trip specifically to change your working environment? Did it help you refresh and renew? Comment below with your thoughts on taking a work get-away.

Enjoying the time,

Sherry Macdonald


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2 comments on “Refresh and Renew: Take a Work Get Away

  1. Mona

    Sherry, were gators near your paddle board? Good motivation for not falling off. You definitely deserve a break. Look forward to retirement when every day is a vacation w/o a laptop. For now, I am grateful for your dedication that has created this gem of a gym, a real buried treasure nestled in the woods.

    1. ElitePhysiques

      Thank you Mona! I didn’t see any gators thank goodness or I would have fallen off my Board.
      Yes, someday it will be nice not to look at me laptop every day but for now I have tp keep pluggin!

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