My 10 Favorite Workout DVDs

workout dvds

Do you like workout DVDs?

I know, what am I doing working out to DVD’s! I own a fully equipped fitness studio. After working in the studio all day the last thing I want to do is stay in there and workout. So I have a collection of workout DVD’s that I love! I also have a rower, a trampoline, and a treadmill in my living room. The last three don’t get used much in the summer, but in the winter I use them often because I will not exercise outside. I know I am a sissy, yes I am, believe it!

1) Pound

This is my new favorite. It has a killer AB section, works your legs and butt and also gets your heart rate up. I wrote about Pound in my blog last week.

2) Daily Energy Vinyasa flow yoga with Shiva Rea

The best thing about this video is there are 7 mix and match practices. They body of them are 20 minutes you can pick what warm up and cool down you want to put with each one. You can create endless possibilities for longer practices.

3) Hot Hula with Anna-Rita Sloss

I love dance workouts! Time goes by fast and they are fun. I took my first Hot Hula class about 8 years ago at a Fitness Convention in CA. It was HOT! Hot Hula is a polynesian dance workout. It is easy to follow and has three different levels.

4) Spinning Ireland

This DVD takes you on a journey to Ireland. The country is beautiful and it feels as if you are there on your bike. This one I do in the studio where my Spin bike is.

5) The Spirit of Qi Gong by, Deborah Davis

Love this DVD! I bought it about twelve years ago and it is still my favorite of this type of video. This one hour DVD teaches healing exercises based on the Chinese Five Elements. I recommend this one for everyone and especially if you have cancer or health problems.
The Spirit of Qi Gong: Chinese Exercises for Longevity

6) Rising Lotus Qigong

This is a practices that I am studying. With all the upbeat fast workouts that I do I need balance. There are four DVD’s with this set. It is an evaluation of the mind, body, and soul.

7) Zumba

I have the Zumba DVD’s but sometimes go to a class at a local community center. What can I say Zumba is FUN! It’s a mix of all kinds of dance it truly is a dance party.

8) LaBlast

Do you like watching Dancing with the Stars? If so you will love this one. It was created by Louis Van Amstel. It is a partner-free dance fitness program. You can learn the Cha Cha, Salsa, Jive, and many other dances that will have you looking good. I’ve had the DVD’s for a couple of weeks but just last week went to my first class. Loved it!

9) The Animal Flow Workout

This is my newest workout DVD. It is fun but not easy. This workout will improve your strength, endurance, and mobility through the power of animal movements in your exercise routine.

Animal flow video

10) The Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Workout, with Irina

Another dance type video that I love! It is a Belly Dance fitness class of 100% tribal fusion style moves. Includes complete belly dance instructional how-to.

With all this talk about cardio video’s don’t forget to workout with weights. In my opinion if you only have time for one it has to be weight training.

I hope you find time to try some of these great videos! Let me know what some of your favorite workout DVDs are.


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