What I Used My Essential Oils For This Weekend

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I now have about 22 essential oils! I Use Essential Oils for everything and love learning about them and all the things they do. I used four different oils this weekend. I have been on a cleaning kick for the last few weeks. I am throwing things away or donating them. I am really tired of all the clutter.

So first thing, my Husband and I carried a 32 inch picture tube TV down a full flight of stairs and into his truck. I must have twisted my ankle because I could hardly walk.I know I’m strong but what was he thinking? I could have fallen down the steps.

Next we went to the basement and found a printer, an old computer, and a monitor. I carried the computer up. By the time I got outside something bit me. It must have been in the computer. OUCH, I almost dropped the computer.

Anyway when we got to the recycle center we knew we would have to pay $1 an inch for the TV but, we didn’t know they would give us money for the rest of the junk, cool right!

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Ok, now about the oils.

When I got home I could barely walk and the bite didn’t look any better and was itching like crazy. I got out my oils and my book. I put DoTerra’s Blue on my ankle as well as an ice pack. Then I put frankincense and lavender on the bite.

I had a party to go to at 7:00 so I was hoping for the best. A couple hours later after watching a movie (in the daytime that’s a first) I got up and WOW I could walk! Believe it or not, it was easier to walk in heels thank goodness. The bug bite was gone and had stopped itching. On to the party!

That was on Saturday. Sunday I painted one of the bathrooms in the gym. I used non-VOC paint and I’m telling you something was wrong and I should have taken it back because the smell was bad. Any way I got out my handy dandy oil book and found that Purify would help. After about 10 minutes in my new DoTERRA diffuser I could tell a difference. I love these oils!

Finely for dinner we had pork loin. It called for honey, ginger, and soy sauce (I use Liquid Aminos instead of soy). Instead of using fresh ginger I used essential oil ginger. It was delicious you could really taste the ginger.

Check out this blog for other great ways to use your Essential Oils http://doterrablog.com. What do you use essential oils for the most?

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2 comments on “What I Used My Essential Oils For This Weekend

  1. Bethany Lee

    Oh my gosh, so much information in this post! Love it!
    First of all, I love the yellow bathroom you painted! I did not notice a smell at all so that oil must have worked.
    Second, I have been cooking a lot and use ginger often enough and so I am going to have to try that trick. Must be tons easier than grating ginger.
    Lastly, I already own Blue, and I love it!! I need to use that on my low back tonight.
    So, next oil purchase for me is:
    Purify (I have four dogs and so could use this for sure!)
    Gotta love DoTerra!!

    1. Sherry Macdonald

      Hi Bethany, Thank you! There are so many things you can do with oils. I am trying to use them everyday. Let me know what you think of purify.

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