For Your Health – Toxic Sandwich Buns, What Your Tongue Tells you About Your Health and Toxic Dinnerware

For your health

WOW, I have been getting some great blog post in my inbox. I don’t know about you but this is most of my daily reading and I am picky about the blogs that I read. My post “For Your Health” is just what it says, for your health. I want to give you up to date, true facts. I want to be able to share some of the most important health information with you so you don’t have to search all over the internet.

So make sure you read this post and follow the links to the website of the blog. Let me know your thoughts on each topic.

What kind of trash is in your sandwich bun?

Do you ever eat at fast food restaurants? If you do you won’t after you read this. The Food Babe tells us what’s in the popular fast food buns and it’s not good. Did you know there is sugar (Splenda and high fructose corn syrup) in their buns, And I am not talking about a little! Did you know they put Azodicarbonamide in their buns (this is what your yoga mat is made of)? Can you guess where  the worst buns are? Arby’s, that’s right Arby’s! You can read more at

Fast food buns

What does your tongue tell you about your health

Alternative doctors almost always tell you to open up. Open up your mouth that is, and not to look at your tonsils but to see what parts of the body are stressed. Do you ever open your mouth and look at your tongue? I mean really look at it. Is it pink, red, purple? Does it have a white coating on it or cracks on it? You can go to the Blog DIETSAGE to find out what it all means.

tongue and your health

Is Your Dinnerware Toxic?

Melamine is a tough durable plastic (on the higher end of the price range of plastic dinnerware) and is found in all shapes, colors and sizes. If you are using these dishes or any other plastic dishes you need to read this blog post about plastic dinnerware by, Emma Deangela.

toxic dishes

Make sure you share this post with your friends and loved ones. Let’s all work together to change the world and make it a safer healthier place to live.

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