Is Your Slow Cooker Leaching Lead In Your Food?

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Is Your Slow Cooker Leaching Lead? It all started when I bought a new slow cooker. After being plugged in for 5 minutes, it started to smell. It was a toxic smell, even my husband noticed it. I thought maybe it was because it was new. It wasn’t. After two months it still had that smell. Could my Slow Cooker be Leaching Lead?

So, today I went to Kohl’s to buy a better one. I bought a Crock Pot brand that was 3 times the amount of the first one. It cost more so it must be better, right? Not! I came home and googled it, Crock Pot Classic. I kinda knew what I would find, I guess that’s why I googled it before removing it from the box.

Yes, it was one of the ones that was tested and found to have high levels of lead in it. So I started researching other slow cookers. I would really like to have one. First, I looked on Amazon. I love to read their reviews on products. That is where I found the following; 

At temperatures over 80 degrees F, the glaze leaches lead into your food. To give you a frame of reference, the low setting cooks at about 170F. I noticed that lists a Prop 65 warning, which prompted me to do some testing of my own.
I am a chemical engineer and work in a lab, and I’m qualified to do such testing myself. This model leaches dangerously high levels of lead into your food. BEWARE ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR FEEDING CHILDREN

PLEASE be careful when shopping for crock pots, clay, ceramic or anything glazed. Lead poisoning happens over a long period of time. It builds in your tissues over time.

In case you’re interested:
3.85L of 0.7M acetic acid was heated at 30 degrees C, roughly 86 F, for 24 hours. The absorbance of the solution was read using a highly sophisticated atomic absorption spectrometer. Absorbances of the treatment solution and a blank 0.7M acetic acid control were compared on a calibration curve. Complete protocol available through
The solution contained 2.71ppm Pb, almost 3 times what is allowed by the FDA. My crock pot has a new home in the trash.

Slow cooker

Then, I went to and found the following;
“Gephardt took several slow cookers to Data Chem lab in Salt Lake City to be tested. He found that 20 percent of the cookers were leaching out measurable amounts of lead into food. When ceramic ware is heated to just 80-degrees, it releases nearly 10-times the amount of lead as a plate at room temperature. (Something to keep in mind when you heat food in the microwave on ceramic dishes.) Crock pots can heat up to more than 250-degrees.” (Lead Poisoning and Crock Pots).

Some other websites that have information about cookware are, Paleoleap, Norishingplot, and Miriams earthen Cookware 

As I kept searching I found more and more on glazed products. So make sure you google your cookware to see if it’s made out of clay. ceramic, or anything glazed to see if it’s toxic.

Well, guess what? I don’t need a slow cooker after all. It is going back and I will cook in my non-Teflon pots and pans. 

Do you have a slower cooker? Is Your Slow Cooker Leaching Lead In Your Food? You can test for lead with this kit, Lead check swabs. Or you can read, the best test kit for testing lead from Consumer Reports.

Stay Healthy!


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