I’m Almost Ready For My First Backpacking Trip

First backpacking trip

I love hiking but I’m ready to take it to the next level, backpacking. Have you seen the movie “Wild” or maybe “A Walk in the Woods”? Since these movies have come out the sporting stores are busier than ever helping people get ready for their first backpacking trip. I’ve even decided to take it upon myself to look into companies like Backpacks Global, as I want to be prepared for my backpacking trip that I eventually go on one day. I wonder if they had any idea how much money you need to spend to get started. I did not!

My husband got me a backpack for Christmas. I went with him because I had to be fitted for it. I wanted a cool color, maybe blue, but the burgundy one fits me the best. So That’s what I got. I also had a friend recommend an Arkadia Supply backpack to me for its durability. Yesterday REI had 20% off so we headed out to get me a sleeping bag, something I don’t want to buy used if you know what I mean. I felt like we were buying a car. I never knew how many options there were. After about 40 minutes of instruction and lots of questions, I got one that is good for 3 seasons, lightweight, that compresses to about 6 inches, and is going to keep me warm at 21 degrees. The best part was when Braden (my husband) ask if I needed a pad. Oh, course I did! The guy took us over to the different pads, some were thicker than others, some you had to blow up and other you pumped them up with your hands. I told the guy I like that pretty green one, how much? $179. Are you kidding me!!!! That’s more than my sleeping bag….. I know there is something less expensive than that. How much for the ugly gray one? $89. I will take it. This is not at all what I was thinking when I left my house, I dreamed of a blue and green color scheme, like the grass and the sky, how cool I was going to look while out hiking and camping. At least, my sleeping bag is blue, even though it doesn’t match anything else.

This is going to be interesting. When I go hiking with my clients we do 2.5 miles in a park with lots of hills. When they want to do 5 miles I say, no way, I have things to do. I really do, also, I board ready to get out of there, move on to the next thing. I think there is a big difference between hiking around home and hiking away from home. Braden and I go to Sedona for hiking every year and I can hike all day. Of course, I don’t have to get back to work or anything, really.

first backpacking trip

Anyway, I am getting very excited about my first trip with good friend Kim. It will be sometime in May. Just like me, Kim has been purchasing all of her equipment and we are now starting to plan our route in more detail. We are also looking at how we are going to travel there. Kim suggested we treat ourselves and hire a private jet before we have to rough it up a little whilst backpacking. I’m not sure, but we are going to check Jettly and other sites anyway. We can’t wait to get going now. Until then, I will be out day hiking and I told my husband we are going to set up camp in the back yard. We will eat, sleep, and cook, under the stars. Oh, of course he will need to bring out a blanket because we can’t afford another sleeping bag let alone another sleeping pad. I guess I better work on getting a tent before we camp.

Why do I want to backpack? I want time to myself, no phone, no computer, no work. I want to take in the beauty around me, and hopefully the heat, relax at night with a good book and sleep under the stars. Maybe this is where I will find my “Now” (see Carla’s post from last week).

Maybe I will see you on the trail sometime. Make sure you follow my blog to read about my adventures.

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3 comments on “I’m Almost Ready For My First Backpacking Trip

  1. Jacob Meyer

    Hey Sherry,

    I ran into you up at McAfee’s Knob about a week ago and you told me to share my story so here it is.

    This next semester, Fall of 2018, I’ll be a junior studying Mechanical Engineering Technology at Purdue University. This summer, I have an internship in Roanoke, VA that allowed me to get away from all the bad things in my life which was needed to say the least. In February of 2018, I was wrapped up in a bunch of bad lifestyle choices: smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating habits, if it wasn’t healthy, I was probably doing it with the exception of illegal substances. One morning I woke up and felt a bit off but disregarded the feeling and went downstairs to take a shower anyway thinking it was just some weak muscles from the workout the day before. I don’t remember much after stepping in the shower because I had passed out from what I thought was dehydration shortly thereafter. I was taken to the ER, where after extensive blood tests, scans, and X-rays, doctors had found a blood clot in my lower left lung. They began to wonder how a, at first glance, healthy 20 year old has a blood clot when his family has no history of clotting. I blamed it on my lifestyle choices and the doctors, to protect themselves, couldn’t say whether it was that or not.
    I knew something needed to be done to change the way I’ve been living. When I came to Roanoke, I found all this free time outside of work where I was able to take advantage of it. I hike, not just to kill myself and cover so many miles a day, but to find the beauty in life and relax in God’s great creation. Since the last week of school this past semester, I’ve suffered terrible anxiety that came out of nowhere. Is it possible its because I’m constantly thinking about the blood clot that could’ve killed me? Possibly because I’m 10 hours from home in a city where I have no family? I’ll never be for sure. It’s a traumatic experience in my life but through it, I was able to find myself, grow closer to God, and regain my physical and mental health.
    Here we are now, four months, four blood thinning prescription refills, countless hours hiking, and a healthier lifestyle later. I enjoyed meeting and talking to you on the trail! Enjoy your future hikes!

    1. Sherry Macdonald

      Hi Jacob, sorry I am just getting back to you but I too have been working on myself. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so glad you turned your life around. You have motivated me to get back with blogging and to write about how to be healthier and happier. Do you mind if I use your story on my blog? I also hike for the same reason, not to kill myself but to enjoy the beauty that’s available to us. Good luck and if I can help in any way please let me know.

    2. Sherry Macdonald

      Jacob, also check out Qi Gong it is also life-changing.

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