Is Environmental and Product Toxicity Affecting Your Health?

Environmental and Product Toxicity affecting Your Health?

Check out these resources on Environmental and Product Toxicity. I watched a video last week about the toxins that are in the products that we use on our body and in our environment. WOW, it was scary! We have to start making changes in what we use on our bodies, in our yards, and in our homes. Our homes especially can have all sorts of pollutants such as mold hidden within them. The main way to identify if this is an issue is to potentially get a mold inspection free or a building surveyor to come to your property and assess the condition of your living space. In this article, I am going to give you some links and data that can help you learn more. Spread the word and make sure you do your part.


If you want to know what pollution is in your community go to, You will get an in-depth pollution report for your county, covering air, water, chemicals, and more. I put in my county, Delaware, and found we are not very clean. Scorecard, is sponsored by GoodGuide, the world’s largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of consumer products.

I continued to research and found on the American lung Association website another website about air quality, They rated the air quality in my area with an F. The fact that this air quality is so low is worrying for those who have to live in it, that is why you need your air quality checked within your home too, so you can make sure that you are doing what you can to breathe in cleaner air. Using companies like DUCTZ of Greenville & Spartanburg or others that are in your immediate vicinity, can help with getting this sorted so you can feel better about the quality of your air inside your house.


Another great place to find out about toxic products is The Environmental Working Group. They have a searchable database of toxic ingredients in cosmetic and personal care products. Just plug in your products and you will see all the scary toxic stuff that’s in them. You can search by ingredients, brands, company’s, and products. I have their app “SkinDeep” on my phone and can scan products before I buy them.

They rate products from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most toxic.

Hazard score key:

Toxicity is very common is it affecting Your Health?
Low hazard Moderate hazard High hazard

Data score key:

Data: None
Data availability rating: the scope of ingredient safety data contained in Skin Deep ®, and the number of studies available in the open scientific literature
Data: Limited
Data: Fair
Data: Good
Data: Robust
Watch for there “sunscreen guide from EWG” coming this Spring.

2016 Sunscreen Report Coming Soon!


And yes, Environmental and Product Toxicity Affecting Your Health? So what can we do? Earth day is April the 22nd. It is much more than a day but it is a place to start! Their mission is, Building the world’s largest environmental movement – See more at I will be spending Earth Day at Stratford Ecological Center. In conjunction with the Earth Day collaboration with Green Columbus, Stratford is hosting an Earth Day Service Site for the 9th year. Earth Day/Earth Week Service Site Tree Planting & Garlic Mustard Pull:. you can Join like-minded volunteers to help plant many saplings and pull garlic mustard in their State Nature Preserve.


This PDF Toxic Matters is a great resource.

Toxicity and your body products Toxicity is very common is it affecting Your Health? Toxic beauty Toxicity find safe products

Toxicity is very common is it affecting Your Health? Toxicity is very common is it affecting Your Health? Toxicity and your health Toxicity is very common is it affecting Your Health?

Use Essential oils to make your own body care and cleaning products.
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What do you think, is environmental and product toxicity affecting Your Health? Please share.

11 comments on “Is Environmental and Product Toxicity Affecting Your Health?

  1. Carol Cassara

    Access to this kind of information was virtually non-existent when I was a young woman. Which is why there are so many suspicious environmental cancers. I’m grateful we now can learn about these things and that many corporations do not make decisions that support us.

    1. Sherry Macdonald

      You are right. There are more people out there fighting and demanding that things change. We can all join in and make a difference. Thanks for reading!

  2. Helene Cohen Bludman

    So good to know about these resources. We have been clueless about these hazards for way too long.

    1. Sherry Macdonald

      The more we learn and educate others the more something might get done.

  3. Tamara Warner Minton

    I cannot believe this! I was just reading up on the EWG yesterday!

    1. Sherry Macdonald

      Tamara that is a great site for information. Thanks for reading.

  4. Cathy Chester

    Thanks so much for providing such important information. It’s scary to even think about not only the toxins around us now but also the ones no one knew about when we were growing up. Damage done, eh? Oh, boy….

    1. Sherry Macdonald

      There is so much we can do about them now. Spreading the word in the best way. Thanks for reading.

  5. Lois Alter Mark

    Great resources here, and I definitely want to read some of those books. We have to start taking care of ourselves and our planet.

    1. Sherry Macdonald

      Yes, we do Lois! Thank you for reading!

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