How Not to Gain Weight While Traveling

How Not to Gain Weight While Traveling

Believe it or not, I usually lose weight while I’m on vacation or traveling. One reason is I have less stress, yes stress can cause weight gain, this is one way to stay healthy on your travels! I also make sure to also find out if there are any vaccination recommendations for my destination at before going in order to protect my health. Another reason I stay slim is I need to fit in the clothes I brought. When people ask me the best way to travel without putting on weight, I always suggest a cruise. That’s because nowadays you can get some great cruise deals and you are spoilt rotten for amenities on the boat, including gyms, fitness suites, and courts such as tennis courts and basketball courts. There are also usually very good restaurants with top standard chefs who will prepare a variety of healthy meals. A cruise is also a fantastic way to travel the world. However, people tend to struggle when traveling by themselves. It’s not hard to eat out and eat healthily, the problem is drinking and snacking. Keep reading for How Not to Gain Weight While Traveling I will give you tips on eating clean, smart drinking and staying active while traveling.

Find a place to stay with a kitchenette.

Our first day on vacation is a trip to the grocery store. We buy snacks for hiking, breakfast foods, beer for my hubby (Braden), and lots of water. For breakfast, we have eggs and 2 strips of bacon, Braden has an English muffin and makes a sandwich and I have a 1/2 an orange or grapefruit (no bread). For snacks we have fruit, sometimes bars (low sugar higher protein), celery and peanut butter, and cheese. We only snack if we are out hiking for 4 to 6 hours. Don’t eat snacks if you are going to eat 3 regular meals unless you are very active.

How to Eat out

Eating out is not as hard as you think. Make good choices by thinking about how active you are going to be that day. Make sure you eat a good breakfast but watch the portions.

Don’t make your meals the main attraction! [tweetthis]Don’t make your meals the main attraction! [/tweetthis]


For Lunch eat a big salad with any kind of protein you want or a protein with veggies and splurge with some sweet potato fries, (not every day).


This is easy! Get a small salad, a lean protein, if you are by the water fish might be a good choice and lots of veggies. Try to get a different type of protein and veggies every night so you don’t get board.


OK, what about the drink(s) with dinner? Take 3 out of 7 nights and have a drink if you have to. Two nights are better. If you drink beer have a light one. I drink vodka straight up because I don’t want the sugar from the mixes and I only need one drink. You could try vodka with tonic or sparkling water, with lemon or lime slices and a couple of drops of lemon or orange essential oil for more flavor. Ask me where to get the essential oils or go to If you are with friends that keep drinking you could switch to drinking sparkling water with essential oil drops with lime and lemon slices (this is very refreshing and no one will ever know you are not drinking alcohol). Better yet, let them know that you have a goal and are sticking with your program. Oh ya, wear something tight and you will feel when you’ve had enough.


Yes, you can splurge a little! Maybe one or two times in a week. Think about what you want to have when you first get there. Is there sometime special that that area is known for, or maybe it’s something you been craving at home and have been waiting for vacation to have it? I LOVE maple fudge! When I’m on vacation that’s what I look forward to. However, If you are going to drink alcohol I would skip the desert.

Apps to make it easier

A Food App That Will Change Your Life

My FitnessPal Restaurant Logging

How to not gain weight on vacation

Staying active

How Not to Gain Weight While Traveling

First of all walk everywhere you can. You can see more and exercise at the same time. Check out the area for hiking and running trails.

Take the stairs. If you are staying somewhere that has stairs, walk them!

Jump in the pool. Have fun in the pool to burn calories and get exercise or better yet have a dip in the ocean to get the added workout the waves provide.

Rent a bike. It’s a great way to check out the sights. Make sure you wear your helmet!

One last thing RELAX! After all, that’s the reason we need a vacation. We all know that going on vacation can sometimes be a costly expenditure but its one that we ought to make at least once in a year just to unwind. If you’ve got somewhere in mind that you simply have to go but you don’t have the funds to get there, why not look into applying for credit? See here for how to get your credit score for free.

Do you have anything to add to How Not to Gain Weight While Traveling? Is there an app that you like and can share with us? Leave a comment below and let me know if this was helpful.

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