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what is real food

I am surprised how many people really don’t know what Real Food is. Hey, I get it! Dr oz. says one thing your trainer say something else and everything you read is different. But, the fact is REAL FOOD is “something that nourishes, sustains, or supplies life. It is not something that has ingredients in it that you can’t read or understand. It is usually not bought in a box or a bag.

Real food is not GMO’s (genetically modified) it is not a breakfast bar, protein bar or a container of powder. You might have heard “you are what you eat” but maybe it should be you are what you don’t eat. Let’s that a look at what real food is:


* Vegetables and fruit – I don’t need to tell you what these are. Eat organic or buy local. Buy fresh or frozen.Use herbs and spices to jazz them up.


* Meat – only buy free range, organic, and humanely raised meat. Also, look for non-GMO, which means they didn’t feed the animals GMO food.


* Seafood – buy only wild caught. If you want to learn more go to If you want to order good fish on-line go to Vital Choice for a healthier option.


* 100% whole grains – make sure you don’t over do it with the grains and buy non-GMO grains. Most wheat is made with GMO’s. You can read more at Authority Nutrition. I say stay away from them most of the time and do not eat gluten. Check out more about GMO’s at


* Sweeteners – I say away from all the artificial sweeteners and use maple syrup and local honey in small amounts.


* Beverages – water and green smoothies made with mostly greens and veggies. Yep, that’s about it. You can find my favorite smoothie recipe at Elite Physiques Blog.


* Dairy – use organic and eat full fat, the more fat they take out the more processed and less nutrition. Staying away from dairy is your best bet.


* Nuts and seeds – they can play havoc on your digestive system and have lots of fat calories. Eat them in moderation and make sure you soak them to release the enzymes in them this will help you digest them better and get more nutrition from them.



what is real food


What do you think? Do you follow any of these eating principles? I hope this was helpful, please check out some of the links and leave a comment below.

In good health,

4 comments on “Real Food – What To Buy

  1. Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

    Love it. Your description of “real food” is what I promote too. You really can’t go wrong health wise if that’s what you eat. Great philosophy.

    1. Sherry Macdonald

      Thank you, Rebecca! I wish more people thought that way.

  2. Keith R

    Buying real food is definitely a lifestyle change and it takes a little effort. I try to buy this way, but I am only about 60% successful.

    1. Sherry Macdonald

      Keith, 60% is a great start. keeping working on it. For me the more I learned the easier it was. Thanks for reading!

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