7 Day Essential Oil Challenge

Essential Oil Challenge
I don’t know about you but sometimes I need a challenge. This 7 Day Essential Oil Challenge is a great way to get in the habit of using essential oils and also to learn what you can do with them. Sign up on our Facebook page and leave a commit below to let me know how you are using your essential oils. This is a challenge so make a commitment.

Get out your oils and get ready to have some fun with this Essential Oil Challenge!

Day 1

Diffuse! Start today and use one every day or night.

You can buy a defuser or use a small crockpot (I use both and bought my small crockpot for $10). I use the crockpot more in the winter because I put small pieces of evergreen tree in it, part of a cinnamon stick, essential oils, star anise, or you can put whatever you like in it. Defusers are clean and nice to look at (you can find some here)

Why use a defuser?

Boost your immune system – to keep away colds and flu this year you can use eucalyptus, cinnamon, and frankincense.

Relaxation and sleep – essential oils can increase energy, help you sleep, and help improve mood. I use lavender and breath at night. During the day to relax I use lavender, bergamot, and ylang-ylang.

Improve cognitive function – charge up your brain cells! Essential oils have adaptogenic qualities, they can help you when you are stressed and pick you up when you are feeling tired. They can also help balance the body’s hormones. Some good choices are peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, and pine. Here are some defusers that have a high rating, I use the first one.

Day 2

Use lemon essential oil

  • This is an easy essential oil to use. I use lemon more than any other oil.
  • Take it internally in your water for a fresh taste, also for respiratory issues.
  • Clean with it. Lemon makes a good disinfect and furniture polish. Just add a few drops to a spray bottle for general cleaning and for polish add it to a little olive oil.
  • Use it in a diffuser for a fresh, purifying, and uplifting environment.
  • Cook with it. Lemon essential oil makes great cookies and what about lemon chicken? Yum!
Application methods for Lemon essential oil

Use topical, can be applied with no dilution. Avoid direct sunlight or UV light for up to 12 hours after applying on the skin.

Use it Aromatically in a diffuser.

Internally you can use it with a drink, put it in a capsule, or use in cooking.

Day 3

Cook with essential oils.

Just add a drop or two to your next recipe. If your recipe calls for lemon, rosemary, dill, lime, peppermint, cinnamon, lavender try using essential oils instead. Some oils have an antimicrobial effect and can even help minimize food borne illness.

Things to remember

Use in much smaller quantities, just a couple of drops

Dilute in a small amount of fat first, I use coconut oil

To learn more about cooking with oils the do’s and don’ts go to, Cooking with essential oils with DRERICZ.

Day 4

Make a body product

This is fun and easy! Pamper yourself or someone you love. You can read about how using most store-bought beauty and body products affect our environment and health on this blog post, Is Environmental and Product Toxicity Affecting Your Health?

I make my own body butter, body scrubs, perfume, bath salts and more. Follow my board on Pinterest for easy recipes. They also make great gifts! I actually sell the products that I make and I’m starting to make a decent amount of money from this small business. Essential oils have so many uses! I particularly enjoy making perfume and I’m now thinking about purchasing an industrial mixer although there are some considerations such as price.

Day 5

Use as a Laundry freshener

Add 5 to 10 drops of citrus, grapefruit, lavender, or juniper to a washcloth and put it in the dryer to make clothes come out smelling fresh and clean.

Day 6

Make your bathroom smell clean with ever visit

Put 3 to 6 drops of your favorite oil on the cardboard part of the toilet paper roll. With every turn, you will get a nice aroma. I like orange, lavender, citrus bliss, and cheer.

Day 7

Use for your health

Put a couple of drops of lavender on your temples to relieve stress. Improve digestion and breath better with peppermint. Peppermint will also wake you up by rubbing a couple of drops in your hand and breathing in. Frankincense has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda medicine and for the first time is being taken seriously by medical science it’s my favorite essential oil! Use it for healing, sore joints, colds, dry hands, cuts, and razor burns, For more ideas, check out Natural Health.

I hope you join my Essential Oil Challenge. Please post your ideas below.

My essential oil page

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2 comments on “7 Day Essential Oil Challenge

  1. Emma Carter

    I love this 7-day challenge! I’m starting it tomorrow for my upcoming week. What a neat idea! xoxo

    1. ElitePhysiques

      Hi Emma, That’s great. Let me know how it goes. You can also share on Elite Physiques Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/elitephysiquesinc/. Thanks for reading!

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