Tips to Help You Get Fit

Tips to help you get fit
Yep, it’s around the corner, spring that is. It’s time to get motivated and make some changes! Here in Columbus, it has felt like Spring most of the winter, even the flowers are coming up and the trees have buds on them so the weather has been good to get outside and walk/run. Here are some tips that I hope will motivate and make it easier for you to reach your goals. So, start now with these Tips to Help You Get Fit!


First of all, set a schedule

If you put it on your calendar you are more likely to do it. I take classes at the YMCA, I can go on their calendar click on the class to add it to my calendar. I also have a calendar about my PC on the wall, I write everything on it. I just look up and it’s in my face. Do what works for you but put your workout in writing to help you stay on track.

Know “why” you are making these changes

Are you tired, overweight, stressed? Write it down along with your goals. Check back every copy of weeks to see how you’re doing. If you are eating better and working out you will see changes and the changes will motivate you!

Freshen up your spring workout wardrobe

Buy something fun and bright for spring. Get a new pair of workout shoes. Maybe it’s time for new t-shirts and sports bras? When you look good you feel good!

Plan a workout day trip

Find a park or somewhere you can go to spend the day. Try hiking or cycling somewhere you’ve never been or haven’t been in a while. I love going to some of the state parks around Ohio. It’s fun to go somewhere different. Put a group together or go to and search hiking or cycling to find groups to go with.

Fill up your cell phone

Rock out to your favorite music or if you’re like me you will listen to an education or motivational podcast. Music will give you energy so if you are running low on fuel crank it up.

Use affirmations (they work! I am proof)

Affirmations do work! I have a picture of me on the gym wall (see below) doing yoga in Sedona Az. Instead of signing the photography, I wrote “I live in Sedona Az. and wrote my name. My husband and I have been going there for the last 11 years. We talk about moving there. This past December we bought a house in Sedona. Oh, course we won’t move for quite a while so we are going to rent it. But, we are one step closer to our goal thanks to the law of attraction and my affirmations. So, use these tools to build your dream and make your goal real!

 yoga in sedona

Do something every day

The number one way to get fit is to weight train! Get a trainer or a friend and hit the weights 2 to 3 times a week. On the other days, take a walk, go power shopping, take a bike ride, walk the steps at home or work, just move. Even if you are feeling tired being active will give you energy.

Treat yourself

Not with food! Plan a trip or buy something you have been wanting. But first, write down your short term goal and when you get there, treat yourself!

Just eat real food (JERF)

This is the most important! If you aren’t eating good food you will be tired, stressed, and fat. If you don’t know what “real food” is, check out this post

I hope you like this post on  Tips to Help You Get Fit.  What tips do you have for us?

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2 comments on “Tips to Help You Get Fit

  1. best ab exercises

    Being fit and healthy is one of the things that a lot of people wants to achieve. I think its a great idea to share this information. Thank you for taking time to post this!

    1. Sherry Macdonald

      Thank you for reading!Staying fit is work but so worth it.

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