What’s Hot in the Health and Fitness World?

What's Hot in the Health and Fitness World

I attended one of the biggest fitness conventions in the world in Toronto Canada a couple of months ago. I love going to conventions, the workshops are packed full of learning and the expo has the hottest products to keep you fit and healthy. I am going to share with you what’s Hot in the health and fitness world?

First I attended a pre-convention workshop with Paul Chek’s. I have been studying with Paul for the last 15 years and have taken almost every class and workshop that he has offered. If you’ve never heard of him you need to check him out https://www.paulcheksblog.com/. His workshop was intense, as always.  I learned a lot about myself and about working with clients. He talked about the 4 doctors that everyone should know, Dr. diet, Dr. quiet, Dr happiness, and Dr. movement. You need to know these doctors, you can check them out here http://www.ppssuccess.com/Portals/0/docs/Last4DoctorsChapter.pdf.

Fascia classes and workshops

There were a lot of workshops on the fascia, everything from exercises and stretches for fascia to tools that work the fascia. It seems that there is so much more to learn then we had thought. Check out Melinda’s blog to learn more about fascia. Also, check out the video below on the new research.

Group classes

  • Barre classes are still going strong. Most importantly they are also adding in myofascial work into their classes.
  • Indoor cycling is holding it’s own and still strong.
  • Pilates classes got a lot of attention. I notice there are more studios going in where I live.
  • Functional aging classes using weights and classes like Qi Gong are becoming more popular. I teach Qi Qong if you get a chance to take a class give it a try you will be gratefully surprised.
  • Yoga will never slow down even though there weren’t as many classes offered at the convention as in the past.
  • Coaching is very popular for all health, wellness, and fitness needs.
  • Kangoo Jumps are back. I took this class 15 years ago. You won’t find a class that’s more fun! Check out the video of the convention below for a sneak peek of this class.
  • HIT, TRX, and Bootcamp class not still out there but not as much attention as in the past.
  • Holistic training and coaching with people like Paul Chek are making a big place in the fitness market. Fitness enthusiast are wanting a more custom program to their fitness and nutrition programs.

Personal Training

More people are doing small group training, this is where 3 to 4 people train together in a group. Our group training at Elite Physiques is all custom-designed, each person has a different program depending on their goals and needs. There are people that still want that intense one on one interaction, I love working with them.

New Products

Here are some of the new products in the Health and Fitness industry. They make great Christmas gifts! The vibration plates were big at the expo. They have many benefits including increased strength and bone density, weight loss, and more. We have one in our studio and clients love it. We do small group training 3 to 4 people with custom programs.  During their hour of training, I have them on it one to two times for 3 to 4 minutes at a time. Everyone uses it a little different depending on their level.

The massage guns were even more popular than the vibration plates. I have the Sonic X by, LifePro Fitness and use on myself as well as my clients. I have a knee injury and I’m using it to stretch the fascia and work the tissue to bring in blood flow. It’s been about 6 weeks and I can already tell a difference. I’m also using it on a client’s traps and shoulder, she’s a golfer and says she has more range of motion and less tension in her upper body. She is buying one for her husband for Christmas, I guess that’s a sneaky way to get something you want:). Some other fascia related products at the expo were vibration balls and rollers. Use my code to get a discount on any of the products below. https://lifeprofitness.com/discount/SHERRYMACDONALD

































Check out this video I put together from The Canfit Pro convention because you don’t want to miss the sneak peck of the  Kangoo Jump class. Let me know what you think.

I hope you are working out and staying healthy. Try this 30-day workout challenge for something different. Maybe you can try some of the classes above that you haven’t tried yet. Leave a commit below to let me know what you liked.

Be Well,


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One comment on “What’s Hot in the Health and Fitness World?

  1. Betsy

    The Kangoo jump class looked super fun !

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Our emails may contain affiliate links. That means if you buy something from them we may get paid a small affiliate commission.

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