Make This Your Healthiest and Fittest Year Ever

Make This Your Healthiest and Fittest Year Ever

Happy New Year! Make this your healthiest and fittest year ever! Need some motivation to get healthy or to lose weight? We are going to help you with No More Diets! 

A diet is something you go on and off of. There are always diet trends, like Palio, The keto diet, and even Weight Watchers has a new program. One person’s food is another person’s poison. We are all as different on the inside as we are on the outside so we all have different nutritional needs. One diet might work for one person and not the other. You might have experienced this if you have gone on a diet plan with someone you know. They lose weight and you don’t. And let’s not forget about all the diet books, Holly Cow! Let’s stop all the craziness and make eating healthy a lifestyle. No more diets!

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We are going to educate you and teach you how to make eating healthy a part of your life through this blog. Some of the things we will be blogging about are how to:

  • How to be healthier than ever before
  • Lose weight and keep it off forever
  • Detox Safely
  • Make recipes that are quick and easy
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Here are a few things you can do to get started.

The Top 3 things people who succeed at fitness do on a regular basis:

1) They show up – You have to show up strong with a positive attitude. Have an appointment write it down. Commit to working out with someone, a friend, your trainer, or join a group to support each other.

2) They do something they enjoy – If you don’t like it you won’t stick with it. It can be a sport, weight training, or a class, you just have to do it! This weekend end I was on a hiking trip with a guide, he said “OK Ms. Trainer I have a question, I can’t get motivated to do anything. I hike once a month but don’t do anything in-between. How can I motivate myself to do something more often?”

How to Motivate Yourself: 3 Steps Backed By Science
read more here By

  • Get Positive
  • Get Rewarded
  • Get Peer Pressure

Sometimes you just have to jump in and do it after 3 to 4 weeks it will become a habit and you will start to see and feel the benefits which will help motivate you to keep going. What do you do to stay motivated?

3) They write it down and have a goal or a reward in mind – the reward should be, to become healthier and happier but how do you get there? Start with the checklist below.

Create a checklist something like this for the first two weeks in January:

  • Purchase a reusable water bottle that I will take with me everywhere
  • Drink 3 full water bottles every day.
  • Get a food cooler or container you can take to work with you.
  • Clean out the cupboards and get rid of all things with sugar and gluten.
  • Go to the grocery store, purchase a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and, healthy protein sources.
  • Wash and cut fruits and vegetables and have them in user-friendly, ‘ready-to-go’ containers.
  • Put some healthy snacks/energy bars in the car so you can access them when your hungry and in a hurry so you aren’t tempted to stop at a fast-food restaurant.
  • Start a food journal and write down when and what you are going to eat for the week.
  • Smile and say positive affirmations every day.
    You have to have a plan to be successful.

I believe that you also have to have a positive healthy mindset. 

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Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your goals, always show up and do your best.

A friend of mine Peter Twist says, “Value your days protect your time and try your best to stimulate positive experiences. Most times I show up contributing positively to positive engagement. Occasionally I falter and always recognize the disappointing blip in a dynamic way because of how I reacted or communicated less than my best. Regardless of how the other person participated, ultimately I am accountable for myself. If I show up my best, 99% of experiences are beautiful. If they are ugly, its because I chose to participate”.

I am offering a $25 discount to the Eat Cleaner Get Leaner 6-week program to 10 people (includes menu, recipes, shopping list, exercise, motivation and more). That means you only pay $20 for 6 weeks of recipes, menus, shopping list, workout, and motivation. Go to the link and put in the code Eatclean.

Join us in having the Healthiest and Fittest Year Ever!


I own a personal training studio in Lewis Center, Ohio. I love learning about nutrition, health, fashion, blogging, being outside, animals, and helping you to get healthy and lean. I am also a photographer. You can follow my fashion blog at

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