5-Day Detox For The Start Of A Healthier & Leaner Life

5-Day Detox For The Start Of A Healthier & Leaner Life

Start 2021 out with goals that will help you be healthier and leaner this year with this 5-day detox! I am committed to this and I hope you will join me.
I will be posting blog posts, recipes, and videos to help you.
I don’t do any kind of detox on a regular basis but for most of us just taking sugar out of our diet is going to be a detox. These 5 days will be the hardest but we can do it! If you have any questions commit below. Also the more active you stay with us the better you will do.

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Now for the detox
This is a very simple 5-day detox and remember it’ss only for 5 days! No sugar – no bread – no alcohol!

How do you start the day?

When you get up, start with room temperature water with lemon at least 8ozs

For breakfast have a green or some another smoothie (just make sure it has a protein powder or collagen in it)
Check out my favorite smoothie at https://youtu.be/-J5KxqOlYXA

You can also have eggs with any veggies in them that you want.


For lunch have a big salad with lots of veggies and 3 ozs of protein. Remember this is only for 5 days after that you can add in a few more carbs and other foods.
Make your own dressing using ingredients from the list below or here are some ideas for healthy dressings.


For dinner have 3oz of meat or fish, veggies of your choice, and 1/2 sweet potato. You can also have another salad instead.
After dinner drink lots of water. If you have to have something later in the evening try cottage cheese or another low-carb protein smoothie.

Try to eat all your meals in a 10 hour period. If you eat breakfast at 8:00 then have your last meal at 6:00. Try not to eat anything after 6:30 pm.


Probiotics one of my clients told me about this one and I love it!
Digestive enzymes

Food List

Eat only grass feed beef (The differences between grass-fed beef and grain-fed beef)
Ground Chicken Breast
Chicken Thighs
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
Bison Meat
Ground Turkey – Lean
Turkey or pork bacon (no nitrates)
Turkey Breast
Liver (only from a grass-fed animal)
Pork Chops
Lean Filet Mignon
Ground grass-fed beef
Sirloin Steak


Do not eat farmed fish
Salmon (wild-caught)
Tuna Steak
Tuna Packs
Orange roughy
Mahi Mahi
Crab Meat


Full fat Plain Greek Yogurt
Full fat Cottage Cheese
Goats Milk
Reduced-Fat Ricotta Cheese
Organic raw Cheese
Organic or Grass-Fed Butter
Eggs organic pastured
Protein Supplements
Robb Egg White Protein Powder
Jay Robb Whey Protein
Great Lakes Gelatin


Green & Red Peppers
Celery Hearts
Red or White Onions
Green Onions
Dandelion Greens
Cherry and Plum Tomatoes
Green Beans
Alf Alfa Sprouts
Mixed Greens
Jalapeno Peppers
Habanero Peppers
Brussel Sprouts
Red Chard
Swiss Chard


Lemons and Limes

Other Carbs (save these for after the detox)

Sweet Potatoes
Brown Rice
Black Beans
Pinto Beans
Kidney Beans
White Beans
Garbonzo Beans
Organic Brown Rice Cakes


Healthy drinks and smoothies
Water (purified)
Raw milk
Coconut milk
Almond milk
Tea (green, herbal, black)
Dandelion Tea (can replace coffee
Herbs and Spices


Use them all! Start an herb garden and use them to spice up your food.
Find organic herbs here Herbs, spices, and oils

My Favorites
Ginger root

Oils and Fats

Avocado and avocado oil
Chia Seeds
Flax Oil
Ground flaxseed
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed)
Coconut Oil
Unsweetened coconut flakes
Grass-Fed Butter
Socked Nuts and seeds

Baking Goods (save for after detox)

Rice Flour
Almond Flour (Find here)
Coconut Flour
Ground flaxseed
Unsweetened Apple Sauce

Sugars (sorry not this week)

Stevia (What is Stevia)
Maple syrup
Raw honey (Find Here)

I hope this will help you on your way to getting healthy and lean with this 5-day detox! One other thing about detoxing it’s not only what you put in your body but also what you put on your body. Look for more about that coming soon.
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Happy detoxing,

I own a personal training studio in Lewis Center, Ohio. I love learning about nutrition, health, fashion, blogging, being outside, animals, and helping you to get healthy and lean. I am also a photographer. You can follow my fashion blog at http://livelyjoy.com

Thanks for reading my Blog and following my YouTube channel.

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