Are Your Body Care Products Toxic?

Toxic body products

If you care about what you eat then you should care about what you put on your body. They both have an impact on your health. Are your body care products toxic? I taught a class (Herbs for body care) this week to 24 amazing women at Stratford Ecological Center, who brought in their lotions,

Tips to Help You Get Fit

Tips to help you get fit

Yep, it’s around the corner, spring that is. It’s time to get motivated and make some changes! Here in Columbus, it has felt like Spring most of the winter, even the flowers are coming up and the trees have buds on them so the weather has been good to get outside and walk/run. Here are some

What I Ate This Week and Why Am I Detoxing

What I Ate This Week and Why Am I Detoxing

Well, it all boils down to this, I was tired of being tired. After I ate I would feel sick to my stomach and it would rumble. I would have times where I was constipated and times when I had diarrhea, (but doesn’t everyone?) I have been tested for food intolerance in the past and have had many foods

Real Food – What To Buy

what is real food

I am surprised how many people really don’t know what Real Food is. Hey, I get it! Dr oz. says one thing your trainer say something else and everything you read is different. But, the fact is REAL FOOD is “something that nourishes, sustains, or supplies life. It is not something that has ingredients in it

How Not to Gain Weight While Traveling

How Not to Gain Weight While Traveling

Believe it or not, I usually lose weight while I’m on vacation or traveling. One reason is I have less stress, yes stress can cause weight gain, this is one way to stay healthy on your travels! I also make sure to also find out if there are any vaccination recommendations for my destination at

My 7 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan

Clean Eating Meal Plan

Do you want to get lean? The clean eating meal plan below is how I do it. This is not a diet but a way to eat forever, that is, with a cheat meal every now and then. Five years ago I lost 25 pounds on this plan and did a fitness competition. Join me and

I own a personal training studio in Lewis Center, Ohio. I love learning about nutrition, health, fashion, blogging, being outside, animals, and helping you to get healthy and lean. I am also a photographer. You can follow my fashion blog at

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The worlds best Bone Broth

organic bone broth

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