Live A Healthier Life. It’s Time To Let Go!

It’s time to let go of extra weight, let go of negativity, let go of stuff (donate, reorganize, clean). In Traditional Chinese Medicine, fall belongs to the element metal and the organs are the lungs and large intestines. The energy of the lungs is letting go, like the leaves on the trees. Letting go can

What I Ate This Week and Why Am I Detoxing

What I Ate This Week and Why Am I Detoxing

Well, it all boils down to this, I was tired of being tired. After I ate I would feel sick to my stomach and it would rumble. I would have times where I was constipated and times when I had diarrhea, (but doesn’t everyone?) I have been tested for food intolerance in the past and have had many foods

5 Healthy Foods You Should Never Eat!

5 Healthy Foods You Should Never Eat!

Well not exactly “healthy” but people think they are healthy foods. I do nutrition coaching and I am never surprised when a clients tell me they “eat good” mostly organic and then I look at their food list. The media does a good job tricking us into eating foods that are bad for us and telling

Do Something Special For Valentine’s Day

strawberry pancakes

Valentine’s Day is not just a day of giving flowers and candy it is a day of love. Include your friends, family, kids, or anyone else in your day. Be sure to tell them how awesome they are and that you Love them. Today I am sharing 8 things to do and/or make for Valentine’s

DIY Glass Tile Wall – Fun and Relaxing

DIY glass tile wall

You are probably thinking what does a DIY  glass tile wall have to do with health. Everything! How many times have you done a project and gotten so stressed out that you hated what you were doing? My husband (Braden) and I started remolding our very small bathroom the end of October. We put in a new

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The worlds best Bone Broth

organic bone broth

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