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Neurogistics provides personalized Wellness Programs, created by experienced clinicians, to provide natural balance and well-being. We created Neurogistics with the idea that every person deserves not only an understanding of their health but an effective solution customized to their unique needs.  We believe that this journey begins with clinical testing and research-based, all-natural supplementation catered to each individual’s needs.

Our Brain Wellness Program was built on a platform created more than 12 years ago providing at-home, clinical testing to practitioners and their patients.  We are proud to serve a variety of clinical practitioners from nutritionists to neurologists.  To date, our services have been incorporated into over 1,000 practices; delivering Wellness Programs and results to over 40,000 patients.

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Nutrition and Metabolic Typing

What is metabolic typing?

It’s a way to determine exactly what foods work best for your body, based on nutritional and biochemical individuality (meaning every person is different and has different needs). When you choose foods for your metabolic type, you can experience increased energy, better sleep, healthy weight, better digestive processes, balanced hormones, and memory. We are as different on the inside as we are on the outside. Learn your metabolic type (it may not be what you think) and how to select foods that are designed for your specific metabolism. Feel and look better than you ever have before!

Nutritional Coaching and Metabolic Typing

The Elite Physiques Nutrition  Metabolic Typing and lifestyle coaching Program helps improve your life and lifestyle through proper eating, exercise, and stress management. What you eat, how you exercise and sleep all have hormonal consequences and affect your health.

You will learn:

  • Your proper metabolic type
  • How to have a healthier digestive and elimination process
  • How to choose foods through reading labels for food additives, coloring’s and preservatives
  • How to avoid food allergies and food sensitivities (gluten)
  • Sugar, how not to crave it
  • How water affects your body
  • How stress is affecting your health and body weight and what to do about it 
  • Correct breathing and mind-body work can do for your health
  • Corrective exercise for your fitness needs

Call me today and take the first step to a healthier life! Ask for Sherry 740-548-3637.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

“What is Holistic Lifestyle Coaching?”

Just because someone is not sick, does not mean they are well! Most chronic diseases take years to develop, but a healthy lifestyle can go a long way toward prevention.

What a Holistic Lifestyle Coach does is based upon the techniques that have helped thousands of people increase vitality, decrease stress and sculpt the body of their dreams. A Holistic Lifestyle Coach looks in detail at the underlying causes of disease and stress, considering the body as a “system of systems.” Using a coaching model, I will help you learn how disease and stress are preventable through healthy eating habits, lifestyle management and appropriate types of exercise. I will help you to understand why every meal, every bout of exercise and every late night has a hormonal consequence. I will use tools such as in-depth questionnaires, to assess your lifestyle and help you on your journey to optimal health. This program exceeds anything you will experience in any other “wellness program”…this is optimal health and fitness coaching the C.H.E.K. way! What Holistic Lifestyle Coaching means to me is supporting you in finding and living the life you want to live in terms of your overall wellbeing. This includes your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual* health.

*Please note that spiritual does not equate to religion in this context; it is the intangible, essential aspect of each person.

“Your food is the most powerful ‘drug’ on earth! You eat it several times a day, everyday of your life. It contains hundreds upon hundreds of compounds that your body uses as its ‘fuel for life.’ Your food can be your medicine or your poison.” – HealthExcel

Every one of us is unique and has different dietary requirements. I will help you find what foods are right for you. You will find your metabolic type and learn how to eat to optimize your health, keeping you healthy and pain-free. Catering to your individuality, I will design a personalized program to ensure your success.

Metabolic Typing® Diet

Haven’t found the perfect diet? That’s because no one diet is right for everybody. Metabolic Typing® (MT) is a revolutionary system that addresses each person at a fundamental metabolic level, allowing for increased energy, weight loss and greater resistance to disease.
Discover the right (and wrong) foods to build health, prevent disease and improve the way you feel – physically and emotionally. Find out your own Metabolic Type® Diet for only $189 and receive a customized diet and an amazing 6-part video series on how to eat according to your type.

Getting Started: Careful questioning and testing will determine your individual metabolic type.  Your personal coach will fine tune your metabolic type, bringing you closer to optimum health.

Introduction Package
Pre-Testing/Testing/1 hour of Coaching

Testing with Health Excel
Getting the Results Report
Your Diet Plan
Coaching to Use and Fine Tune Your Plan

6 Weeks of Nutrition Coaching Package

Pre-Testing/Testing/1 hour of Coaching
Testing with Health Excel
Getting the Results Report
Your Diet Plan
Nutritional Coaching & Education
Weeks 1 and 2:
Two 1/2 hour sessions per week
Weeks 3 through 6:
One 1/2 sessions per week

Eat Cleaner Get Leaner 12-week weight loss and lifestyle program $140

Next class starts September 30th. Online coaching and one on one coaching anytime.

Our class of 8 are down a total of 28 pounds after the 1 1/2 weeks!!!!

This 12-week program is online and/or on-site. One on one coaching is also available. I will give you a 7-day meal plan but my goal is for you to learn how to make your own healthy menu with the information that I give you. I want you to maintain your weight loss and goals for a lifetime! You will get recipes, videos, e-books, a private Facebook page (support) and so much more.


Week one is a lot of work so set aside some time.


Week 1 – Goals, diet testing (because we are all unique in our nutritional needs), results, menu, how to fine tune, planning, portions, and e-book of recipes.


Week 2 – Fine tuning, eating out, HAQ test and graph, reading food labels


Week3 – Learn why sugar and gluten make you fat. Other videos and ideas for menus


Week 4 – Toxic food, seasonal produce, clean and dirty dozen, Lean this simple test to check for food intolerances


Week 5 – GMO’s, Grass-fed, Natural, nitrate, what does all that mean? Menu and fine-tuning


Week 6 – How to increase your metabolism and testing to find out how your thyroid is working


Week 7 – Cooking, preparing & planning, how to make snack packs and freezer meals


Week 8 – Write a 7-day menu and shopping list


Week 9 – Your gut, neurotransmitters, stress, and hormones how they affect your health and weight. What you can do about it.


Week 10 – Exercise plan for you. Videos and testing first


Week 11 – Open to what we need to cover to keep you healthy and motivated.


Week 12 – Putting it all together and what now. Celebrate!

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I offer a range of metabolic typing, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. Coaching is available globally over the telephone or Skype and also on a face-to-face basis in Lewis Center, Ohio.

The Elimination Diet

Discover the foods that are making you sick and you can change your life.

Do you have achy joints, bloating, brain fog, arthritis, weight gain, depression? It could be because of the foods that you eat.

I can help you make the changes you need to feel good again. Call Sherry 740-548-3637.

See how metabolic typing and professional nutrition coaching
can work for you call Sherry 740-548-3637.

                                     SIX MONTH METABOLIC TYPING VIDEO COACHING PROGRAM

The Metabolic Me Video Program was created by the Health Balance Institute LLC. It is an in-depth educational and support program designed to assist individuals to achieve optimal results from their HealthExcel Metabolic Typing Diet ® along with the coaching and support from their HealthExcel Certified Advisors.
The videos are clear, fun, and informational and are included with your 6 month Elite Nutrition Coaching Program. You will get a customized eating plan just for you and your nutritional needs.  By the end of this program, you will know exactly what foods make you feel good and will help you to maintain your  optimal weight and health!  You will have a clear program that is customized for your specific metabolic needs!  Through this video series, you will learn that you will never need to diet again!  Once you start eating the right foods and proportions for your individual requirements, you will naturally start to lose weight without ever dieting. We also include a consultation with this program!

The Metabolic Typing® Test is a computer analyzed questionnaire that focuses on 3 key indicators of your metabolism:

Physical Traits
Dietary Traits
Psychological Traits 

These unique aspects of yourself reveal your body’s underlying patterns and tendencies that reflect your specific Metabolic Type®.

Here’s what’s included:

Metabolic Typing® Test.
Metabolic Type® Results Report. Receive a clear, direct, explanation of your Metabolic Type.
Metabolic Type® Plan. Receive a comprehensive list of over 300 foods that are ideal for your type as well as the foods that your type should avoid.
Metabolic Typing® Customized Cookbook. Receive a customized cookbook that is specific to your Metabolic Type®, downloadable e-book.
Metabolic Me® Video E-Coaching Series. Get access to the entire library of online e-coaching videos, materials, interviews, and more.
8 weeks. A new video each week. Within this weekly framework, we will make sure you don’t miss a beat. Explore the varied and vast reaches of your body relationship step-by-step.

Video series includes:
1. The Foundation of Health
2. Why should I do this?
3.  How to Fire Up Your Metabolism!
4.  Why Metabolic Typing® Works
5.  The Path To Success & How to complete the Advanced Metabolic Typing® assessment (You will take your Metabolic Typing® test at this point)
6. Your Metabolic Typing (MT) Test Results
7. Your MT Map
8. Your MT Compass
9. Using Your MT Map
10. Using Your MT Compass
11. MT Special Considerations
12. Insights Into Nutrition
13. MT Micronutrients
14. Removing Chronic Energy Drainers
15. Enhancing Your Energy Gainers

These videos will motivate and encourage you to a lifetime of health and energy. This is all you need to get started on your journey.  

Call Sherry to get started 740-548-3637.

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