My Favorite Things To Do For Exercise At Home

These are hard times but don’t let it get you down, come out of this stronger. Eat good food and keep exercising to stay healthy. I am going to help you out so you can exercise at home! I will be sharing apps and exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home,

How To Get Lean and Healthy For Summer


Summer is a great time to start a new plan to get lean and healthy. We are outside, more active, and there are lots of fresh fruits and veggies around. I’ve already gone to the store and got a good start on my week of meals. I will share photos on the Facebook group Eat

Eat Cleaner Get Leaner Week 3

Eat cleaner get leaner

Week 3 of Eat Cleaner Get Leaner – How are you doing? By now you should be down about 4 pounds. How do you like the recipes and menu? Week 4 of Eat Cleaner Get Leaner is going to be what I eat. It will be an easy meal plan with basic foods. I am doing