If you eat Yogurt you have to read this!

Yogurt is often considered to be a healthy food, is it. Well that depends on what kind you are buying.
But the problem is that most yogurt found in stores is low-fat or non-fat yogurt and nothing more than highly processed garbage.
When food manufacturers remove the fat from foods, they don’t really taste to great. So they put a lot of junk in it to compensate for the lack of fat.
Most will add sugar, high fructose corn syrup,some kind of artificial sweetener,and artificial flavor.
But new studies are showing that saturated fat is actually harmless, so low-fat yogurt has had the good stuff removed, only to be replaced with something that is much, much worse.

Here is a label with ingredients that are found in a lot of yogurt. Notice sugar, fructose, juice (more sugar), and carmine (read below about this below).

yogurt label

yogurt label

To keep your attention here, some brands use a substance called carmine to give strawberry-flavored yogurt and others a pink hue. Carmine is an all-natural additive made from pulverized bodies of cochineal insects to create red dye. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, it takes 40,000 bugs to produce one pound of cochineal extract. Cochineals are harvested, sun-dried, crushed and dunked in an acidic alcohol solution to produce carminic acid, which the red color comes from.. Both gelatin and carmine will be listed on the label if you wish to avoid these additives. I couldn’t believe it but its true, google it! Keep reading.

The Chobani yogurt will no longer be on sale at Whole Foods beginning early next year. The reason this popular brand of Greek yogurt brand is Chobain’s use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Though Chobani advertises the inclusion of only natural ingredients in its yogurt, it also says that some of its yogurt could be made with milk from cows that were given GMOs in their feed — a disclaimer that isn’t currently listed on their packaging. Whole Foods previously announced that it hoped to stop selling all foods that didn’t label their inclusion of GMOs by 2018, and it now appears to be getting started early. Good job Whole Foods!

This is straight from the blog Get real. 


They asked Dr. Colella a few questions about his statements and this is what he had to say via email:

Q: Greek yogurt has gained in popularity because of its claim to provide essential probiotics, calcium, and protein that our bodies need. Do you believe that Greek yogurt lives up to this claim and is a good way to get these essential nutrients?

A: Before we can even touch the Greek yogurt question, we have to get past the fact that it is a dairy product. With the majority of Americans living with some degree of lactose (one of the main sugars in milk) intolerance, yogurt qualifies as a significant source of gastrointestinal distress.
You might have noticed that humans are the only mammals (except cats) who eat dairy products after weaning. Given the large amount of antibiotics fed to dairy cows, these drugs end up in all of the “good for you” dairy products that we consume. Regarding Greek yogurt, the only reason to consider this product is that unlike most other types of yogurt, it typically does not contain high fructose corn syrup. However, it does provide a readily accessible source of simple sugar and not much digestion is required to get to it.
The probiotics idea is cute and sounds healthy, but no physician prescribes probiotics for any medical disorder, and they are not essential for any metabolic process. They come in many supplements if you are convinced of their utility, but using yogurt as an excuse just to get them is a stretch. If you reduce or eliminate refined/processed sugar and saturated fat from your diet, your intestinal bacteria will return to normal all by itself.
The protein in yogurt and other dairy products is another excuse to eat the sugar that comes along for the ride. You don’t need yogurt to get the few grams of protein that is present within the carton. It is just another way to “sell” the “it’s good for you” label on the product.

I totaly agree with this. It is sometimes an excuse to eat sugar. I take a probiotic as a supplement. No sugar – no calories. I also believe we don’t need dairy in our diet.

These are two yogurts I picked up at whole foods. The Noosa tasted great because it is loaded with sugar, sugar, and more sugar 31g’s. The Siggi’s yogurt only had 4 ingredients in it and is made with milk from grass-fed cows and only 8 g of sugar. A big plus!

yogurt1-0431 yogurt2-0432 yogurt 3-0426


yogurt 4-0428yogurt 5-0427

Yoplait has aspartame, acesulfame potassium, and red dye # 40 (to enhance the redness of strawberry). On the front of the label it says “contains live and active cultures” but they are not listed in the ingredient list. We want to know what the active cultures are! Check out this blog on Red dye #40, http://www.allergykids.com/blog/seeing-red/.

 So what do you NOT want in your yogurt?

Added sugar such as: fructose, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, evaporated cane juice, simple syrup, honey, fruit juice / fruit juice concentrate.

Artificial Sweeteners are common in “diet” yogurts and “sugar free” or “no sugar added” varieties. These yogurts will contain added ingredients such as acesulfame potassium (Aspartame), sucralose (Splenda), and neotame.

Do not buy yogurts with artificial coloring, dyes, flavoring or with Skim milk.

What do you want in your yogurt?

Milk from grass fed cows, a list of the active cultures, low sugar, whole fat, higher protein, the fewer the ingredients the better.

Or better yet make your own it’s very easy. http://www.makegreekyogurt.com

Check out the rankings on Eat Well with Gina’s Greek Yogurt Rankings at, http://www.eatwellwithgina.com/2013/08/whats-in-your-greek-yogurt/

Make sure you read the labels and know what is in your yogurt. You do not want to eat sugar colored with bugs. If you want to learn more about yogurt, check out Yogurt Nerd for more information and reviews.

Let me know what brand of yogurt you are eating and your thoughts on this post.

Happy eating,




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2 comments on “If you eat Yogurt you have to read this!

  1. Sue Ahern

    Sherry: The only problem is that in the link to Gina’s Greek Yogurt Rankings one of her top 5 is Fage 0% which is made from skim milk. Of course there are no added ingredients just milk and live active yogurt cultures. This is actually the one I use but have wondered whether I should switch to either 2% or higher percent fat.

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