How To Get Lean and Healthy For Summer


Summer is a great time to start a new plan to get lean and healthy.

We are outside, more active, and there are lots of fresh fruits and veggies around. I’ve already gone to the store and got a good start on my week of meals. I will share photos on the Facebook group Eat Cleaner To Get Leaner.

When I go to the grocery store it’s sad to see what people put in their carts they are loaded with pop, bread, and processed foods. Next time you go to the store look around. Maybe this is your cart? I hope not but if it is what can you do better?

Here are a few ways to help you get started.


Yes, drink lots of water. Stay away from Gatorade and drinks with flavor. The natural flavor doesn’t always mean it good for you, most of the time it’s not. Another reason is that you sweat more in the summer and drinking lots of water can help you from eating too much.

Plan your meals

Yes I know I always talk about this but it is important. Make a list before you head out to the store and stick to it. Don’t go down the aisles that have all the bad food you love. Plan what you are going to eat for all your meals and snacks. I am loving the Guacamole 100 calorie packs that I get at Costco (make sure you get the organic ones). I eat it with carrots and celery. YUM!

organic guacamole

Be more active

Get outside while you can. Summer seems to go by so fast. Plan an event like a walk or run for charity. Get your friends together and train for it. Somethings fitness trackers can help you to be more active. There are also lots of free activity apps out there to help you stay lean and healthy.

Lift weights

Yes if you want to be lean and healthy you have to lift weights. First of all, if you don’t have muscle what are you going to get lean? Think about it. Second I want to be strong, I get 4 50 bags of bird seed at a time and when they ask me if I want someone to load it I say no thank you. I have a client that is 79 she still plants all her flowers and puts down mulch. She also works out as hard as my 40 and 50-year-old clients. If you want to be lean and healthy with strong muscles and bones lift something heavy. Take this 30-day challenge starting today

Plan your cheats

I know it’s tempting when you go to a cookout or sit out on a patio to have a cocktail but don’t overdo it. And skip the deserts. Plan your cheats. Maybe you are going out with friends have a drink but keep it to one and no more than one time a week. Both sugar and alcohol are empty calories.


I help this helps you to make better choices. Our world is full of chemicals, artificial flavors, and colors that are causing havoc on our health.

A great resource for recipes, nutrition information, food videos, and workout videos is Food Matters. I believe it is $99 a year but it is the website I have found that covers so much and well worth the money.

I own a personal training studio in Lewis Center, Ohio. I love learning about nutrition, health, fashion, blogging, being outside, animals, and helping you to get healthy and lean. I am also a photographer. You can follow my fashion blog at

Thanks for reading my Blog and following my YouTube channel.

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