* I joined EP in September of 2008 after doing mostly cardio for many years. In 2003 I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphcytic Leukemia for which I did not have treatment. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and I am currently undergoing chemotherapy. With Sherry’s help “harping” about sugar I was able to lose 20 pounds several years ago. Since my cancer diagnosis this year, working out has helped not only physically to maintain her strength and muscle tone but also mentally. I feel I have control over my body. Sherry’s continuing encouragement to put only good things in my body keeps me eating healthy and feeling good. Sue A.


* “My husband and I began working out at Elite Physique just over a year ago. We were new to the Columbus area, having just moved from St. Louis, and we didn’t know many people in the area. We were nervous about joining a gym, particularly one we knew nothing about. Although we wanted to get in better shape, we really just wanted to be happier and healthier people. Sherry paired us with a trainer named Toni and we started working out twice per week. Both my husband and I saw immediate results in our appearance and life outlook! Within four months, I had lost 15 pounds. We love working out with Toni and actually look forward to going to the gym…something neither of us had experienced before. The atmosphere is friendly and fun – there is always something to laugh about! Both my husband and I plan to continue working out at Elite Physique for as long as they will let us!”

Chad and Sarah at the Elite Holiday party   sarah0259sarah & chad-







* When I first went to Toni at Elite Physiques, I had no idea what to expect, but I soon realized it was the best decision I have ever made. In six months I lost 28 pounds. I have maintained my weight loss for almost two years (actually losing a few more pounds). Both of my knees have arthritis, and I’ve also had meniscus tears. The daily pain was terrible, so I babied my knees, got very sedentary, put on weight, and still had the pain. I tried various gyms and other types of exercise, and nothing helped. Toni took the time to understand my needs and limitations. She created exercises and a personal workout that protected and strengthened my knees. I didn’t realize I could get such a great full body workout with my limitations. Each day there were new things to try, and every week I felt myself getting stronger and feeling better. Toni’s positive attitude helps keep me motivated, and she continues to find new ways to challenge me. I feel better about myself than I have for years, have tons of energy, sleep great, and my knees no longer limit my activities. I look forward to every one of my workouts with Toni, she is an amazing example. This is no cookie cutter work out. The trainers take the time to understand each person’s needs. The atmosphere is upbeat and the people are great. It will be the best decision you have ever made. Jenny F.



* In February 2004, I completed my fourth year of fitness training at Elite Physiques. I am very pleased with what I had achieved for myself during this time. At 53, I feel stronger than when I was 20. The only thing I wanted to change was the size of my belly! I truly thought my belly was a “fifty-something” problem. I felt my body was changing into what would be my ‘senior” body. Sherry kept saying “it’s nutrition.” I was listening but not believing. After Sherry returned from San Diego and receiving her Nutrition Lifestyle Coaching certification, I decided to step up to a new challenge. I wanted to be Sherry’s “fitness and nutrition poster child”. On January 7, I committed to a weight loss goal of 10 pounds by March 31st. To my enjoyment, I lost 15 pounds! My changes were small but BIG when it came to weight loss. I reduced my serving portions, chose only FRESH food to eat, reduced my grains and sugar, and kicked up my cardio to 20-30 minutes a day. To summarize my experience, it has been life changing for me. I believe I can make this my nutritional plan for life. Thank you Sherry for the challenge! Karen B.


* Sherry Macdonald of Elite Physiques has completely changed my life. Two years ago, I was about to turn fifty. I was overweight and out of shape. After one session with Sherry, I was hooked and ready to try to be “fit and fifty” instead of “fat and fifty.” With her guidance and encouragement, I lost 35 pounds and discovered weight lifting. I found that I loved it more than anything I’d ever tried. Sherry became my role model and my mentor. I feel better now than I ever have. I have been able to maintain my weight loss and still eat at least six times a day! Sherry, in fact, influenced me so much that I decided to pursue personal fitness training as my second career where I strive to help change other people’s lives as positively, as wonderfully, as Sherry changed mine. Peggy P.


* I love this gym. The trainers care; actually care about you and your needs. I’ve been coming to Elite Physiques, Inc. for over 10 years. The workouts are never the same as there is always something new to try. Do yourself a favor and try it out. Hands down, this gym and the staff are far better than the big box gyms for one on one training. Trust me, I belong to a big 24×7 gym and this small gym is far superior in listening, quality, and resolve to make a difference in yourself when it comes to personal training. Jill B.your 


My husband and I have been a member of Elite Physiques for three years. We love having Carla as our personal trainer. She knows our individual needs and has been able to strengthen and work around our problem areas such as my husband’s back issues. Sherry and her team of personal trainers are knowledgeable and personable. We have gotten to know the staff and other clients that share the gym with us during our workout times and have become friendly with many of them. The gym is clean and an inviting atmosphere and a pleasure to work out at Elite Physiques. Elaine P.


* I first walked in the doors of Elite Physiques 4 years ago and started training with Sherry. My main goal being to stay strong so I could continue to do the things I want to do for years to come. I was a jogger for years but was getting lazy regarding keeping up with strengthening exercises. I am so much stronger now that I am working out at Elite. I look forward to my workout days. Everyone I’ve met is so nice, fun and encouraging. I leave my workouts feeling good and ready to ed-pills24.com! Cynthia D.



* I have been working out for years and have been to quite a few gyms. However, this gym is by far my favorite! Elite Physiques is a small neighborhood gym where there is a sense of community and everyone knows your name. You will always be greeted by smiling, happy people who are happy to help you achieve your fitness goals. The trainers are well educated, knowledgeable and an expert in the industry. After an initial consultation, they will explain the functional training method, which combines total body, flexibility, core training, endurance, and agility to achieve your fitness goals. In addition, they may integrate cardiovascular and resistance training and nutritional diet recommendations. All this personal attention to your fitness goals! The equipment is great, new and easy to use and they have cardio machines with no waits! I highly recommend this gym to anyone in the Columbus area. I have been working out here for 14 years. Dena B.


* I have been working with Carla at Elite Physiques for the past 2 years after suffering a shattered femur in a bad car accident. She is caring and knowledgeable. After a workout, I always feel better both physically and mentally. Clients and staff both are extremely friendly and have positive attitudes. It is a wonderful place to work out!! Laura C.

* The workout experience at Elite has been the greatest. They help you to identify your needs/wants and then puts together a great plan to achieve those goals. My husband did a lot of work with Sherry and when he became ill, the work he had done with her paid off hugely. Margaret E.

*  Working out with Sherry at her gym has been a great experience. It’s an extremely clean, organized, and friendly environment. Sherry and her trainers obviously love what they do and their guidance and support make for a great workout. Each workout is specifically designed for the individual, so you get the workout YOUR body needs. Sheri B.

* Lisa has been working out at Elite for the past 5 years with Carla after her trainer from another gym moved too far away from home. She says Carla has ALWAYS, non-stop, stepped out of her shoes to be as helpful, knowledgeable, and kind to her (and anyone else she trains) as possible. Her main goals are to become and stay strong and healthy! Since joining the gym, I have met many good people, all who have been extraordinarily kind. I really enjoy listening to everyone talk as we work out. People are genuine and supportive of each other. It is easy to feel respected as a person for who I am in this place. I appreciate the clients that come to your gym and value the opportunity to be friends with those who are different from me. I have seen many of those clients reach their health goals over this time! Your staff is truly great. Thank you for making me feel welcome every time I walk into your door. Thank you for keeping me healthy!” – Lisa Rehark 


* Rick and Wendy began working out at Elite in November of 2013. Both had goals to lose some weight and gain some muscle. They had been members of other gyms in the past with little success, so finally decided to get a Personal Trainer and work out together. Since joining they are much more active, eat better and eat out less. Rick has lost over 50 pounds and Wendy has lost 20 pounds! They both started running a few months ago and it has definitely clicked for Rick as he is running in the Columbus Half Marathon in October. As a family they love roller coasters and have been to lots of amusement parks in the US and Canada. They also love rock climbing (indoors for now as they are new to it). You know when Rick and Wendy are in the gym as they bring a fun and positive energy to the room! Thank you for continuing to inspire all of us!


* Hello to you! You’re undoubtedly looking to find a place of service to better yourself, and you’ve found a great one! At 35 years old I had been in the absolute worst condition for the previous 5 years. With an internet search I found Elite Physiques and began December 4th 2013. I liked what I read on the web page, visited Sherry for an assessment, and went with it and haven’t looked back. I had never taken part in formal exercising/training before. For those that have experienced other gyms, Elite’s facility may seem small in size, but I’m stating to you that the knowledge, respect, kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion, and honestly wanting you to succeed attitude of every single person involved at Elite is truly remarkable. There is a general feel of feeling comfortable and never any pressures involved. My personal list of words in my order of relativity are: commitment, effort, determination, and adaptability. I’ve went from 252lbs. and 27.3% body fat to 212lbs. and 10% body fat in 14 weeks. I’ve weight trained 3 days per week and performed cardio exercise 3 other days per week since early January 2014. I have continually been advised on multiple facets in order for progression to take place. I can’t thank Sherry and all of her training staff enough for all that they offer. Treat your body the way that it deserves and show the Lord how you appreciate life! Commit, put out the effort, stay determined, and adapt along the way from the advice those at Elite provide. What are you waiting for? It’s a long journey, but you can’t reach the finish without the beginning. Get started at Elite today!


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Before Ben