Take This 30 Day Workout Challenge Now

30 Day Workout Challenge Now

Spring is getting closer. Take This 30 day Workout Challenge and you will be ready! Ready for your swimsuit, your hiking vacation, or whatever your fitness goal might be.

This is how it works,

Spell your name (at least 6 letters you can also use your last name if its longer) do the exercises as many days you can for 30 days. You only get credit for that day if you do your whole name. Keep track for 30 days. Let us know in the comment section if you are in. You can also like our Facebook page to stay motivated and post videos and photos.

Download this 30 day Workout Challenge sheet here Name your workout

30 Day Workout Challenge

Name you are using ______________________________________________________

Circle your name

A: 50 jumping jacks

B: 50 Ab exercise

C: 50 squats

D: 30 pushup

E: 2 min. wall squats

F: 20 burpees   

G: 1 min. arm circles

H: 40 Russian twist

I:  50 high knee walks

J:  50 bridges

K: 40 pushups

L: 20 supermans – 20 abs

M: 30 lunges

N: 30 wide squats

O: 30 side lunges each side

P: 2 min. plank

Q: 40 sec. side plank

R: 50 kickbacks (for butt)

S: 20 walking lunges

T: 20 Superman – 20 abs

U: one min. plank

V: 40 bridges one leg

W: 30 triceps pushup

X: 1 min. balance one leg

Y: 1 min. up down plank

Z: Your choice

For example, my name Sherry would do S – 20 walking lunges, H – 20 Russian twists, E – 2 min. wall squats, R – 50 kickbacks R – 50 more kickbacks :), Y – 1 min. up down plank. Thank goodness I only have 6 letters in my name. However, if I wanted more I could add my middle initial L and last M for more exercises.

If you are a client of Elite Physiques you could win a prize for this30 day Workout Challenge. If not treat yourself to something related to Spring, like a new pair of shoes!!! Leave a message below and let us know how you are doing and if you need a modification of an exercise.

Good luck you can do this!


4 comments on “Take This 30 Day Workout Challenge Now

  1. Dana Klabunde

    I am in! Great idea for Lent!

    1. Sherry Macdonald

      YAH! We would love to know how you are doing so check back, please.

  2. Trademark

    Day 1 Burpees for 30 seconds,spiderman plank for 15 secondsand Russian twists for 15 seconds. Day 2 Burpees for 35 seconds, spiderman plank for 20 seconds, Russian twists for 20 seconds. Day 3 Burpees for 40 seconds, spiderman plank 25 seconds, twists 25 seconds. Day 4 Burpees for 45 seconds, spiderman plank for 30 seconds and twists for 30 seconds.

    1. ElitePhysiques

      Yah! You rock keep up the good work!!!

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