Ways To Incorporate Even More Fun Into Hiking and Backpacking

Hiking and Backpacking

Hiking is great any time of the year but fall is my favorite! The people that I hike and backpack with like to make our trip an adventure and incorporate even more fun Into hiking and backpacking. After reading this you might think we don’t get a workout but we do. We hike hard and play hard! There are so many great articles on Zero Expedition for you to enjoy, to make that trip even more enjoyable! So, find a friend or get together a group and try some of the ideas below to Incorporate fun into your hiking and backpacking. Hiking is a wonderful experience and is also incorporated into the Duke Of Edinburgh Award. It can be useful to bring a Duke of Edinburgh tracking device on the expedition to make the most of the experience. Have a look at www.expedition-tracking.com for more information!

Have a bite to eat

We sometimes meet for breakfast before our hike or leave early for the hike and have lunch somewhere outside. If we go somewhere to eat we make it special. Some of our hikes might be an hour or so drive which means there might be a roadside restaurant along the way or somewhere we’ve never been to. If it’s a local hike we might pack a lunch or go somewhere close and sit outside.

Lunch after hiking

Go to a farmers market

Take a backpack and hike to a farmers market fill up your pack with healthy goodies and get a bigger workout on the way back. We have also done this on our bike rides. Whether you are taking a hike or riding a bike take a break to socialize and have a cup of coffee or tea.

fruits and veggies

Experience something new

Take a hike to a nearby small town. We go to different ones but, my favorite is a town called Grandview. It has a few small boutiques, an ice cream shop and a coffee shop with a table out front to people watch. How much fun is that?

Learn something new

Try to learn the names of the trees or plants in your parks. Bring a journal and halfway take a break for water, a snack, and some writing.

Have fun and play

Lisa and I took some of our clients out for some fun! We went to this amazing park in Westerville, Ohio. We first hiked in the woods and then found this fun place to play. The floor of the bridge moved as you walked on it, so it made everyone laugh. The tree house was so cute, we had to clime in it. When was the last time you climbed a tree?

hiking at a park

Hiking at a park

Do a walking meditation

I usually go on a hike listening to a podcast, but sometimes I leave the headphones and phone at home to be “in the moment” to be present. As I walk I listen to the wind, the water, pay attention, and just notice my breathing. I went to a macro photography class a couple of months ago and the photographer talked about the bugs that attach themselves to a leave on a bush or a tree leaf. Now I pay attention and see some amazing sights. Give it a try. More on walking meditation at Meditation Oasis.

Bring your camera

Doesn’t matter if it’s your DSLR, your cell phone, or a compact camera, take it with you. Don’t always bring your cell phone because we need a break but you never know what you might see. Make it a special time, like in the fall when the leaves are turning or the spring when the flowers are blooming or in case you run into a snake like I did. If you are hiking by your self it is always a good idea to bring a phone.

Take a hiking vacation

My husband and I do this every year. We go to Sedona, Az, sometimes Utah and around the grand canyon. In Sedona, we hike/climb. This is our favorite place, amazing!!!

Hiking sedona

Have Fun with your food

Don’t forget about nutrition while you are out on the trail. You will need good calories for energy and health. But make it fun! Get together with your hiking friends before your trip and make some yummy food! Check out this video from My Open Country to learn more about what to take.

Any of these ideas in Incorporate even more fun Into hiking and backpacking sound good to you? Leave a commit below.

Just thought I would throw this in. Have you ever hiked or backpacked and thought you should have stayed home? That’s how I felt about my first backpacking trip. Watch this video and you will see what I mean, backpacking in the rain.

backpacking in the rain

More hiking ideas at https://elitephysiquesinc.com/2017/05/turn-your-hike-into-an-outdoor-workout/

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