How to Make a Playlist That Helps You Burn More Calories

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You walk into your gym to workout and they’re playing the theme song from Frozen. You know what I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong I like the song but not while I’m working out. Your playlist can dictate how hard you workout and therefore how many calories you burn. So, here’s how to make a playlist that helps you burn more calories!

Usually, the faster the beats per minute the harder you work but not always. I challenge you to put together a new playlist keeping these things in mind. You can either make this playlist online and store it online, or download the songs with the help of somewhere like these torrent sites and put them onto an mp3 player or directly onto your phone so that you can listen to them even when you don’t have an internet connection.

1) Warm up song

This song doesn’t have to be fast so pick a song that motivates you and get you moving. On my new playlist my warm up is “So” by, Ed Sheeran. It’s a medium tempo and when he says, you’re so beautiful so……(he holds that note) I say lean and fit. This makes me work harder the rest of the workout because I have my (to get leaner and fitter) set in the first song.

2) Songs that move you and make you move

Pick the songs that move you. They are usually upbeat but they can also have lyrics that mean something to you. Here are my songs that move me, some for the music and some for the message,

  1. Ghost Town – Adam Lambert this is my new favorite song. Upbeat and love Adams voice!
  2. Fight song – Rachel Platten she talks about taking back her life back. You do have to fight for what you want it doesn’t come easy.
  3. Animals – Maroon 5 love Adams voice and the beat of the music.
  4. I like it – Enrique iglesias Upbeat and makes me want to dance and work harder.
  5. Who I was born to be – Susan Boyle Slow but so powerful. The message moves me to work hard. good for spinning class or weight training.
  6. I am Woman – Jordin sparks Speaks for itself.
  7. Just the way you are – Bruno Mars Does anyone tell you are amazing just the way you are? Do you tell anyone that? If not they should and you/we should.
  8. Soul Deep – Laura Turner Powerful and up lifting song.
  9. I gotta a feeling – The Black Eyed Peas I did my last bodybuilding routine to this song. It reminds of being in great shape and the journey that it took to get there.

3) The Finale

This song should rock, make you work your hardest because this is the last kick butt song! It doesn’t have to be the fasted song but more important should motivate you to move.Turn up the music and give it 100 percent!

My song is, Ghost Town Adam Lambert, again! I told you it is my new favorite!

4) Cooling it down

This can be your celebration song. You did it! Another great workout! Cool down for about 5 minutes so you might need more than one song. Here are my cool down songs:

I dreamed a dream, Susan Boyle


I want to hold your hand, The Key of Glee, This is great for an active/rhythmic stretching cool down.

song playlist

If you are a group fitness instructor be careful with the slower songs. They might motivate you for some special reason but for someone else it might be just another slow song.

Here is an interesting article you might want to read from Dr. Mercola’s website Does Music Make You Exercise Harder?

What songs are on your playlist? How to make a Playlist that helps you burn more calories

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