Tips for Sticking With Your Eating Plan

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Why is sticking with your eating plan so hard? One day you do great and the next you eat double the calories. I hope these tip help you to eat better.


Know why you want to change what you’re eating

The more you want it the better you will do. Is it because you can’t fit into any of your clothes, or because you are on meds that you don’t have to or don’t want to be taking? Whatever the reason know WHY. Tell yourself every day you are worth it! You deserve to be fit and healthy. Don’t let anyone take that away from you! It is your choice! Commit to be fit now!


Eat real food that you love

If you’re going to stick with the program, you will need to eat healthy foods that you love. Make a list, for me it would be hummus, eggs, tri-colored carrots, berries, and a seeded gluten-free bread. Foods that are just Ok I might have once in a while like mushrooms and broccoli, even though they are good for me. Foods that I am just not going to eat are, shellfish and liver.


Eat fat and proteins

Fats and protein will fill you up. If you are craving sugar or something sweet go for fats and protein and almost always the craving will go away. Make sure the fats and proteins come from good sources like Trader Joe’s coconut oil and grass-fed or organic meat.


Commit to someone

Have that person or person’s be there when you weigh in. Tell them to send you a text on the weekend to make sure you are staying on track. Make sure you have before photo’s and a photo of something you want to fit into or wear.


Plan your cheat day

If you have an event, birthday party, or going somewhere special make that your cheat meal. Eat extra good leading up to that day. Don’t use this event to eat bad all day or over eat. Remember your goal.

fruits and veggies

Stop with all the diets! You have to do something that you can do forever. Don’t stop and start anything!. I have a 4-week menu with recipes on this blog. Go to Week 1 menu and recipes.

Healthy eating,

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