What I Ate This Week and Why Am I Detoxing

What I Ate This Week and Why Am I Detoxing

Well, it all boils down to this, I was tired of being tired. After I ate I would feel sick to my stomach and it would rumble. I would have times where I was constipated and times when I had diarrhea, (but doesn’t everyone?) I have been tested for food intolerance in the past and have had many foods that I have had to take out of my diet. It’s been over a year and a half since my last test and just by knowing what it feels like I know I am intolerant to eggs, (so sad) yes eggs! I ate them almost every day. So Why Am I Detoxing?

I have taken all gluten, grains, beans (except green), dairy, and sugar out of my diet. I am taking out foods that cause inflammation. It has not really been that hard. This is my 6th day of eating this way. You might ask why I think I’m detoxing. First of all, I took a shower and about an hour later I smelled this terrible odor. Holly smokes batman it was BO (body odor). You might be thinking big deal, but I never smell, I don’t even wear deodorant when I hike in 90% weather. I had to go up and change my shirt and put some deodorant on. The other thing is I have had a headache all day, I don’t get headaches. Yes, these are both signs of detoxing but guess what? In a few more days I should be feeling pretty good. I will have to keep these foods out of my diet for a few months and then slowly add them back in one at a time.

What I Ate This Week and Why Am I Detoxing

This is a sample of what my breakfast might look like.


This is a salad I made for lunch. Normally I would add protein.The dressing is a little oil and vinegar.

Why Am I Detoxing salad

I love this soup. It is loaded with vegetables and so good. You can add any protein you want. Oh course, all the meat I am using is free range, organic, and/or nitrite free. You can find the base recipe for this soup at Elite Physiques blog


My dinner tonight, grass fed beef from Flying J farms with onion and garlic.

real food

I drink one jar of green smoothie every day for more nutrition. You can find my favorite smoothie recipe at https://elitephysiquesinc.com/2016/06/healthy-popsicles-made-favorite-smoothie-recipes/

Green Smoothies

Oh ya, and I have lost 5 pounds. Sweet! It is not so much about the losing the weight as it is feeling good and having energy all day. I have so many clients that come to me for the same reason and so many more. I truly believe that most disease and illness are because of nutrition. So, why Am I Detoxing? Someday I will tell you my whole story about being so sick I could barely work and my body broke down but for now read “The Autoimmune Solution” by, Amy Myers. It is not just for someone that has an autoimmune disease but for anyone with inflammation if you have pain you have inflammation.

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2 comments on “What I Ate This Week and Why Am I Detoxing

  1. Bethany Lee

    Sherry, this is right where I am right now! I love this post because it strengthens my resolve too. Tired of my stomach being bloated. I have been on a diet much like yours for three weeks now. And I’ve also been thinking about inflammation so I need to check out this book.

    1. Sherry Macdonald

      Hi Bethany, it will be worth it. I find it easier everyday. Thanks for reading.

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