What I Learned From My Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Class

Qi gong Holistic Lifestyle Coaching
 When I heard Paul Chek was having a “New”Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Class, I sign up that day. I have learned so much from Paul’s workshops and classes and better yet it was in San Diego! In the 4 days, 11 hours a day of intense learning Paul did not sit down one time. He is so passionate about what he teaches.

I took this class for a couple of reasons one because I wanted to help my clients, and two because I needed it for myself. I have been all over the place lately trying to find what it is I want to do. Many of you know what I’m talking about.

Here are my lessons:

    1. There is a wheel of life, Dr. Quiet, Dr. Happiness, Dr. Diet, and Dr. Movement. If any part of it is overlooked the wheel of life won’t roll effectively. This can be where we fall apart when we are not balanced.

      Wheel of life holistic coaching class

      Image from Paul Chek

    2. Dreams are a snapshot of your future. What do you love enough to change for – to become? Nothing is impossible. What is your dream?

    3. Everything has an Archetype. It is the form expressed as a thing or that which is formed, example; all builders express, the builder archetype, cabinet maker. house builder, and carpenter archetype. To understand archetypes better visit Heal your Life Blog with Carline Myss. Here is a quote from the blog, “Archetypes are the keys to our personal power. I have witnessed dramatic changes when people awaken to this power. More than once, I have seen them come to the realization that their need for time alone was not because they are antisocial but because they have the Hermit archetype, which compels them to seek silence and solitude in order to sustain their spirit”. What do you need to sustain your spirit?

    4. Learn to manage your mind so you can live your dreams and be aware of what you create consciously or unconsciously. Watch this video with Paul Chek, Creating Balance In Your Life.

    5. You can release your stressors and blocks in your life by meditating, breathing, drumming, tai chi, yoga, qi gong, painting, drawing, exercising, and journaling. Another video with Paul, Relieving Chronic Pain – The CHEK Totem Pole.

      Qi gong holistic lifestyle coaching

    6. You can not travel the path until you have become the path itself. Buddha

    7.  Addiction and disease can be the tools the soul uses to make us aware of what we need to grow and learn in our lifetime.

    8.  A myth is a story we consciously or unconsciously believe and act out. It is a symbolic projection of our hopes fears and aspirations. You can take a quiz here https://www.quotev.com/quiz/999783/What-Myth-are-you. My Myth is a fairy, after reading it I agree. Fairys are a form of nature spirits. I think I have other myths that I act out but they are not what’s really in my heart.  I think this is where many of us get stuck and lose are way.

      What do you think of my lessons from my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching class?  What are you willing to do to create balance and healing in your life? What did you think this post on Holistic Lifestyle Coaching was going to be about? I would love to hear your comments.


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