Mantra of the Moment – Find your Breath, Flip Your Perspective!

Mantra of the Moment

Mantra of the Moment –  It isn’t always easy to keep a positive mindset, let’s face it the world today makes it almost impossible. The idea is that when you’re in a Moment of angst or sadness, flip it. Turn it upside down and shake out the negativity.  This can be done by something as easy as taking a breath, a quiet ten-second breath of letting go and just being in the moment.  I encourage whoever is reading this to do this as often as possible.  Our breath is so powerful it can make or break your day, so be mindful of how your breathing and take the time to slow down the mind with your slow and centered breathing.

During these slow breathes focus on exhaling and inhaling for 7 counts each, this gives the mind a job but more importantly calms the body subconsciously. This action can turn whatever has you thinking negative and turn it into a more positive mindset. Repeat a positive mantra of optimism, maybe on the lines of “I am enough, I am strong, I am calm”. Mantras are your medicine, and your breath is food for your soul.  I like to think of the mind as a constant chatterbox, its sole purpose is to chat you up all day long. Its job is repetitious and rebellious at It is our job to quiet the mind and find some stillness throughout the day to break up the loop it likes to stay on.  Breathing meditation is the best cure for this, and it can be done in as little as a few minutes.

Now that you have calmed the mind it opens up the opportunity to flip the mindset into another way of looking at situations. Your anger may be warranted but it seems trivial now, your view isn’t obscured by negativity and the opportunity to find the positive and some peace is easier now. Pay attention to the smells, the sounds and the beauty that is all around you. Talk a walk in the park and notice this breathing meditation can be done while you’re walking.  Movement can help calm the mind and when it is synced with the breath you are a force to be reckoned with.

Another Mantra of the Moment with Paul Chek, sing your mantra using diaphragmic breathing.

It’s easy to get sidetracked but always come back to the breath and treasure those still moments it creates.  It is life changing and you will have flipped your whole perspective on whatever was working against you.  Being mindful, that is aware of your mind and body, is the true essence of taking care of yourself.  Start NOW because this moment is the only time you have….and the only time that matters!   Taking care of the body is your life’s greatest work, so paint a picture that makes you smile with happiness.

What do you think about the Mantra of the Moment? Do you think you can flip it, turn it upside down? We would love to hear from you.

Love Always,


What do you think about the Mantra of the Moment? Do you think you can flip it, turn it upside down? We would love to hear from you.

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