Here Is The Plan For Getting In The BEST SHAPE Of Your Life

Best shape of your life

No joke! I’m going to give you everything you need from how and what to eat, how to exercise and more. This is a long post but worth the read. Get in the BEST SHAPE Of Your Life now!

Everyone is different so you might have to tweak it a bit. Join me make this commitment now!

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I haven’t made any changes in my body this year and thought about why. Mostly it was because I didn’t have a plan. Well if I want to reach my goal of 17 percent body fat, no sugar, and no gluten then I had better get a plan. So here it is! You can also follow this plan. This plan can work for anyone. The photo above was taken about was 8 years ago in Hawaii. I was 6 weeks out from doing a bodybuilding show. Even on vacation, I stuck with my diet with an occasional drink (Vodka martini straight up so I wouldn’t get any extra sugar.) I did it because I had a goal in mind and a plan. I was a size 4 in that photo and I’m now a very tight size 6, does that mean I’m an 8? Am I in denial? It doesn’t matter because I am changing the way I eat forever not just until I feel good in a size 6.

Believe me when I say I have to work hard to keep weight off. I am 58 and a personal trainer (no pressure there) I have to set a good example for my clients, it is not easy. Sometimes I have a hard time getting my own workouts in. It seems like it gets harder every year, I just have to work harder. But I am worth it and so are you!

Get out a notebook and start writing your goals and your plan. Follow along with me.

My goals are –

To reach 17 -19 percent body fat. To follow the exercise and nutrition plan below. To make this a habit and a lifestyle so I look and feel healthy and happy every day.

My Nutrition plan –

Below is my eating plan. You can use my plan and replace foods you like with mine that you don’t like. Don’t worry about detoxing, you will when you start eating clean. No sugar no gluten, once a week I will have something I have been craving. The cleaner I eat the less I will want to cheat. However, this is a lifestyle change and I may have to invest in one of the best wood pellets for smoking food so that I can reduce the fat in these food items. Also, if I eat something bad, I will get right back on track and get over it.

Here is a look at what I will be eating

For tips on meal prep go here.


Everyday 1 cup coffee with MCT oil to burn fat and 1 glass lemon water. 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

2 egg omelet with ½ cup sliced mushrooms and some type greens cooked in ½ tsp. olive oil
1 Scoop Protein shake + ½ cup sliced strawberries + 1 Tsp. all-natural almond butter
¾ cup grilled chicken breast cooked in ½ tsp olive oil + 1 cup steamed broccoli + ½ cup cooked quinoa + ¼ medium avocado
no snack
¾ cup grilled bison burger topped with 1 Tbsp. dressing + 5 medium asparagus spears
1 egg fried and a hand full of kale (cook until crunchy) in ½ tsp. olive oil one slice toasted gluten-free bread
1 scoop Protein shake + ½ banana + berries
¾ cup grilled lean steak cooked in ½ tsp coconut oil + 10 medium asparagus spears + ½ cup cooked brown rice + 1/8 medium avocado
No snack
¾ cup lean grilled turkey burger + 2 Tbsp. avocado dressing + ½ cup raw spinach or Brussels sprouts
Health Goals
1 poached egg + 2 slices turkey bacon on ½ cup cooked yam
Greek yogurt (no more than 9 grams of sugar) with berries
2 romaine lettuce leaves filled with ¾ cup cooked lean ground turkey cooked in ½ tsp. olive oil + ½ cup chopped peppers and tomatoes + ¼ medium avocado
¾ cup grilled chicken breast cooked in ½ tsp. olive oil + 1 cup sliced steamed carrots or other veggies
1/2 cup steel cut oats, chia seeds,1/2 apple, and one scoop protein powder
no snack
¾ cup grilled salmon cooked with ½ tsp. sesame oil + 1 cup cooked snap peas
6 turkey breast slices rolled with 1 cup red bell peppers slices + ¼ sliced avocado
¾ cup grilled lean steak cooked in ½ tsp. olive oil + 1 cup steamed summer squash + ½ cup quinoa sprinkled with 2 Tbsp. raw pumpkin seeds
2 egg omelet with 1 cup mixed bell peppers cooked in 1/2 tsp. olive oil + ½ cup cooked oatmeal topped with ½ cup blueberries
veggies and hummus
¾ grilled lean turkey burger topped with 2 Tbsp. avocado dressing + 4 romaine lettuce leaves
no snack
¾ cup grilled shrimp cooked in ½ tsp. olive oil + 10 medium asparagus spears

Now you get it. Start making your meal plan. If you are not hungry don’t eat snacks. Go at least 12 hours (intermittent fasting) without eating, between dinner and breakfast. Very interesting information on intermittent fasting here.

My Exercise Plan –

First of all, I will get up at least 5 days a week and do Qigong. I am taking Zen Wellness Medical Qigong Restorative Program200 Hours/ 2-year program. I have been going to take this program for the last 10 years and I kept putting it off. Qigong is very powerful. I will be sharing about that with you soon. I will weight train 3 times a week. I walk/hike with my dog almost every day and take a hip-hop class or Zumba when I can. Make your cardio something that you enjoy. Don’t overdo it, if you are hungry and want to eat everything after your cardio session you are working too hard or going too long.

Thank goodness I love weight training. It is the best exercise you can do for your body. When I am 70 I want to pick up my 5 bags of 50-pound bird seed myself. That’s what weight training does for you. It is also the best way to get lean and change the shape of your body. Check out my training schedule below and write yours down in your notebook.

Here’s a look at my weight training week

Monday – Qigong, Legs, and abs (core)

Tuesday – Qigong walk/hike

Wednesday – Chest and back Evening – hip hop class

Thursday – Qigong, bis, tris, and shoulders

Friday – Qigong walk/hike

Saturday – Zumba

Sunday – Qigong walk or hike

In Chinese medicine, winter is a time a time to slow down, turn inwards and reflection. It is not the time to do killer workouts. Try meditation Tai Chi or qigong. If your weight training, don’t go all out, go for maintenance and pick up the intensity in the Spring.

Mindset –

How will I get there? I will Have my vision in mind every day. I will have a photo of what I want to look like and something that I want to do 10 years from now. See myself happy and healthy 20 – 30 years from now. I have clients that are in their 70’s. They work out like my clients in their 40’s, they cross-country ski, do yoga, take bike trips, kayak, and more. No Excuses!

mindset kayaking

Most Important! Stay away from sugar! When we take in sugar, it causes our bodies to release insulin, and insulin causes the body to store fat. (It also makes us look older) That’s why those fat-free desserts with extra sugar are actually causing you to gain weight. Take a good look at the ingredients label and stay away from products high in sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Breakfast cereals and bars are usually high in sugar, so beware.

I hope you are motivated to make a change. I know you want to join me and get in the BEST SHAPE Of YOUR Life! Nothing is stopping you but you. Are you in?








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  1. Roma

    Great article! Thank you for posting it!

  2. Elizabeth Koeberer

    Absolutely love it Sherry ! Great common srnse advice mixed with inspiration ! On it !

    1. ElitePhysiques

      Thank you for reading, Elizabeth. Glad you are on it!Looking forward to hearing how you are doing.

  3. Dana Klabunde

    Loved the inspiration !! Thank you for taking the time to write the email!

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