This Is How You Lose Weight

This Is How You Lose Weight

Do you step on the sales in the morning only to find that later that day you are 5 pounds heavier or even the next morning? You might get excited that you lost 3 pounds one week and did great and the next week you overeat one day and you are back where you started.

The Year Of Fit and Cleaning Up Your Diet

The Year of Fit!

By fit I am not talking about killing yourself by working out, but about looking and feeling good for a lifetime. Better then you have ever before. This is the year to start! Year of Fit! First of all by learning everything you can about nutrition and what food does to your body and mind. The

Tips to Help You Get Fit

Tips to help you get fit

Yep, it’s around the corner, spring that is. It’s time to get motivated and make some changes! Here in Columbus, it has felt like Spring most of the winter, even the flowers are coming up and the trees have buds on them so the weather has been good to get outside and walk/run. Here are some

My 7 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan

Clean Eating Meal Plan

Do you want to get lean? The clean eating meal plan below is how I do it. This is not a diet but a way to eat forever, that is, with a cheat meal every now and then. Five years ago I lost 25 pounds on this plan and did a fitness competition. Join me and

Eating Clean While On The Run


 We are all busy so how do some people manage to never gain weight and still eat good while taking care of their kids and working all day?  Believe it or not, it is not hard eating clean while on the run. Follow these 5 tips below to help you.  I am even going to give

Holiday Weight Loss challenge!

Commit! This Thursday starts WEEK ONE of the Holiday Weight Loss Challenge! Make a commitment now to look and feel your best by December 15th just in time for the Holiday parties and family get togethers. We are committed to helping you get there and we will give you all the tools in our box.