My Favorite Things To Do For Exercise At Home

These are hard times but don’t let it get you down, come out of this stronger. Eat good food and keep exercising to stay healthy. I am going to help you out so you can exercise at home! I will be sharing apps and exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home, I will also give you a huge discount on my “Eat Cleaner to Get Leaner and Healthier” program. So let’s get started!

So first let’s talk about the exercise apps.


I love this one. Last time my Daughter was in town we did one of the workouts. It was only 7 minutes but it kicked my butt. She uses it throughout the day to get out of her chair at work and move. Give it a try. The version she uses is FREE.


• Weekly training plan full of Workout and Recovery sessions

• Workouts only take 15-25 minutes to complete.

• HIIT, Tabata, Strength Trainings, Cardio, and Recovery sessions with easy-to-follow video exercises.

• See history and track your awesome progress!


Whether you go bodyweight or use a tool like Kettlebell, you can choose to follow a plan or run any of our prebuilt workouts. Choose body part, type of training and duration. Simple as that, effective as hell!


Workout Routines blend your own workout from our beast database of over 850 exercises.


You can do anything for 7 minutes, right?

Here are some of the 7 Minute Workout Features:

* Inspired by the 7 Minute Workout that was originally published in ACSM’S Health & Fitness Journal and then covered by the NYTimes.

* Free workout plan gives you a full-body challenge for improved fitness and weight loss.

* Voice prompted, so you can complete the entire workout without looking at a timer or device.


Custom Interval Training at its best for iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad. Featured by Apple and recommended by fitness instructors, personal trainers, marathon runners, and coaches.

Intervals Pro can guide you through any type of interval workout: HIIT, running, strength training, yoga, stretching, circuit training, boxing, MMA, elliptical, rehabilitation, meditation, 7-minute workouts and many more.



She calls this integration of yoga and qigong YOQI. Whether you are a beginner at learning both yoga and qigong, a yoga teacher wanting to bring more energetic dimensions into your classes, or you are specifically interested in the self-healing and spiritual aspects of qigong, there is YOQI for you. I pay $15 a month for this subscription but she also has free videos. We need this type of training in our life. Please give it a try.

exercise at home
I will be posting workout videos in the next few days. Here are some inexpensive exercise tools that you might want to purchase to do workouts at home.

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YOGA For Better Posture
exercise at home

I am offering a $25 discount to the "Eat Cleaner Get Leaner and Healthier" 6-week program to 20 people (includes menu, recipes, shopping list, exercise, motivation and more). That means you only pay $25 for 6 weeks of recipes, menus, shopping list, workout, and motivation. Go to the link and put in the code Spring.
eat cleaner to get leaner

Be safe and well,


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  1. Dana klabunde

    Thank you Sherry! I appreciate the info and will get busy!
    Stay well,

    1. Wordpress

      I know you will. You work very hard. Thank you for reading!

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